Tackling Injustice

How do we overcome the rampant injustice in our culture? Are you noticing the outcry and taking next steps forward with God?

You Are Not Defeated

How are you overcoming the obstacles in your path? Are you rising above the opposition?

God's Plan

How can a group of people or a family work well together? How can you overcome your biggest obstacle? Trust God and His wisdom.

Value the Vision

God has given you an important assignment. God determines the places, times and ways to serve Him. Your faithfulness will inspire other people.

Restoration Begins

Where do you start when things are in ruins? How do you look to God for help? How does prayer and fasting

In the Sending

Where is God sending you? Do you sense His purpose every day? Drawing near to God happens as you reach the world!

In the Giving

Do you ever pause and think about God's generosity? Does it move you? Are you stingy? Jesus is our peace and treasure!

In the Longing

What are you doing with your deepest longings? Are you finding any satisfaction?How are you turning to Jesus?

In the Unknown

Uncertainty is a reality on all of our lives. How can you trust God more and eliminate worry? How you handle the unknown can inspire everyone around you.

In the Journey

What is the goal and next steps in your walk with God? God is near to you in this epic journey. Similar to Abraham and the wise men. Faith moves your forward.

Taking the Initiative

Serving is the reason Jesus came to the earth. It is His heartbeat and the DNA of everyone who follows Jesus. How are you serving?

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