If the World Hates You

What is the Christian's relationship to the world? What should it look like? What are some of the glories of being a Christian? Are there any persecutions for being a Christian?

Loving the Branches

What key relationships are addressed by Jesus in John 15?

What does it Mean to Abide in Christ? - Part 2

What four thoughts must be kept in mind in order to understand John 15:1-11?

What does it mean to abide in Christ?

What is the believer's relationship with Christ? What does it mean to abide?

Growing Spiritually in 2017

Are you growing in your faith? What do you point to as growth? Are you more like Jesus than you were a year ago? What is your spiritual growth rate?


What is communion? Why are Christians encouraged to observe communion periodically? What if I partake of it unworthily?


What makes Christmas so different from any other holiday? What makes Christmas so special? What is a gift that Jesus might like to get from you?

The Spirit of Christmas

Getting presents? Giving presents? Quality time with family and friends? Plenty of sales? Commission? What is the real spirit of Christmas?

The Commissioning of a Missionary

Are missionaries needed today? How do churches get started? Is God still using missionaries and churches?

The King's Herald

So if Jesus may soon return, how do we prepare? John the Baptist illustrates well what we should do to be prepared. How?

The Behavior of the Expectant

The rapture of the church could happen at any time. So, what should the behavior look like of those expecting the soon return of Jesus?

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