Fishing Lessons

When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, He promised to make them “fishers of people.” This was a new concept, and they must have felt anxious at the thought of leaving the familiar. Let’s learn what those disciples experienced as they began this new life with Jesus, and how we can minister to the world around us for the kingdom of God.

He Wants You to Follow Him

Who do you follow? Is it a favorite columnist, author, or your facebook friends? Maybe a musician, an actor, or a politician. It may be surprising to know some one has been seeking you and desperately wants you to join to Him on adventure. Let’s learn more!

Jesus’ Big Idea

When Jesus announced the kingdom of God had arrived, His message rang with great hope of better days ahead. Yet, many were disappointed to learn their interpretation of His message was not what Jesus was about. Let’s talk about “Jesus’ Big Idea,” for us in today’s program.

The Mind of Christ

Have you ever wished you were a genius. Do you wish for a better mind, a better way of thinking, or a better approach to life? Every believer can have the mind of Christ. Let’s talk more about what that means. Please join us.

Defeating the Devil

Ever since Creation, the devil has been throwing temptations along our path in life. Even Jesus was tempted by Satan. In this week's message, "Defeating the Devil", we will look to Jesus to learn how to stand strong against the devil as he threatens us with earthly evilness.

The Greatest Inauguration Day of All Time!

Life presents us with many missions, such as raising a family and being a good member of the community. In this week’s message, we’re going to talk about a mission that began at the Jordan River and has eternal significance.

Our Help From Heaven

We all experience trials and troubles during our stay on earth. However, the Good News is we have a friend who takes care of all our needs. Join us as we conclude our Advent sermon series, “What Child Is This?” with the message, “Our Help From Heaven.”

Just What I Need!

If someone asked you what you want for Christmas, it would be a very different answer from what you need for Christmas. Do we even realize the difference between our wants and our needs? The Good News is, God has already given us exactly what we need this Christmas. Let's learn more about His Gift.

He Is Your Savior

Christmas trees are a beautiful symbol of the holiday. However, just like human beings, a perfect exterior can disguise a deeply-flawed interior. God came to earth as a baby to rescue us from our sin-sickness. What are we to do with this message? Let's learn how Joseph responded to it.

He’s the One!

Life can be disheartening when it seems like evil is winning and we are fighting a losing battle. When life takes a different path than we planned, fears can arise and doubts surface, and we begin to wonder if God really does care about me. Join us as we talk about how God quiets those doubts.

He’s Supreme!

As we enter the month of December, our attentions busily turn toward our preparations for Christmas and Jesus' birth. In this week's message, we will talk about the Jesus' second coming to earth, the consummation of God's Kingdom. Please join us for our message: He's Supreme!

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