Beyond Beginning (Baptism)

Jesus' Sonship is proclaimed by the heavenly voice at His baptism, was proven by his faithfulness in the wilderness. Once proven, Jesus' ministry began. Our sonship as Christians will also have to be proven by our faithfulness in the wilderness of life. Then, we will become effective witnesses.

Beyond Expectations

As we wrap up the series, "Move Beyond", we hear Jesus state the foundational principles of following Him, and being a disciple. We are living in a time where it can feeel like our most fundamental values are being redefined. Once again, as it was 2000 years ago, Jesus reminds us that we need to move beyond the expectations of our society. It is not enough to say we love God. We must show our love through our actions. We are expected to not ignore what goes on around us. We must respond and move beyond our fears, comfort, and circumstances to love God and others intentionally and completely. This will move us toward fulfilling the prayer that Jesus taught us, "Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Beyond Silence

In some situations silence is wise, and in other circumstances silence is terrible. Desperation can lead to deep and powerful prayers. It takes courage to say the name Jesus in public settings. When God is honored, His presence and power transforms lives.

Beyond Cultural Norms

Jesus is declaring that His kingdom is different from this world. He is standing up to the interference.

Beyond Logic

Will you trust God when it just doesn’t make sense initially? Will you serve Jesus in ways that were not your plan? Will you walk humbly with God when His abundance comes? God provides in many logical ways, but He also develops and calls His people to joyfully move with Him into a zone of greater faith.

Beyond Rejection

Your success and influence attracts your strongest critics. Rejection includes people who: want to control you, declare a small potential, enforce a limited framework, hold your past over you, and bring undermining lies. The power of Jesus and revival in a location are linked to the faith of the people. Like Jesus, let rejection fuel your mission and faithfulness.

Beyond Fear

What storms are you facing? How are you overcoming fear? What does reliance on Jesus look like? Jesus reminds us that His presence makes all the difference. Jesus has power to rebuke the wind and the waves. Jesus will never leave you nor forsake you.

Beyond Religion

Have you ever experienced dead religion that tries to control Jesus and leaves guilt and shame? A Religious Mindset: 1) Majors on the minors and hinders the teachable. 2) Tries to control Jesus. 3) Does not see past personal preferences. 4) Values traditions and opinions over revelation. 5) Criticizes healthy freedoms. 6) Takes something good and taints it. A Jesus Encounter: 1) Brings a trustworthy morality. 2) Provides the rest and refreshment you need. 3) Displays His greatness in the darkness.

Beyond Oppression

What is the spiritual battle? What resources has God given you to walk in the light? How can you over come demonic What is the spiritual battle? What resources has God given you to walk in the light? How can you over come demonic activity? Jesus brings hope in the darkest situation. There is a path of healing and restoration, and God leads people into His presence and power. There is victory in Jesus’ name and with reliance on the Lord.


Life in the marketplace, Handling temptations, Responding to the government

Setbacks and Comebacks

Have you ever had a difficult employer or supervisor? How do you thrive in the marketplace and handle temptations? Are you navigating through tricky government policies? God gives hope and wisdom There are principles and power that can help you in the most challenging situations. Faith is developed in these situations, and you have many good options.

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