This is My Passion

What do you want to talk about? What do you want to do the most? What is holding you back? How has God gifted you?

Hearts Stirred in Ephesus

The power of the gospel transformed the idolatrous culture of Ephesus.

Find the Source

Are you playing games with God? How are you on mission for Jesus? What is the Holy Spirit doing through you?

Strengthen Someone

Without encouragement, we will become stagnant, cold, ineffective and overwhelmed. Do we really know what it means to love our neights, family, and friends?

Why Are We Doing This?

There is no better reason than "because Jesus wants me to." Are you thriving in the darkness and breaking patterns of fear and silence?

What the Culture Believes

Your influence stops when you are indifferent, isolated, or intimidated. Ask God for courage to live by His convictions and heart.


God's Word will continue to turn the world upside down. Your calling is to proclaim Jesus, not blend into the crowd.

Problems are Opportunities

Are you tempted to deny, numb, or run from your problems? God wants to give you courage to face them, and as you rely on God, to experience victories.

How Flexible Are You?

The Holy Spirit wants to lead you-- not follow you. Stay tuned into His promptings.

A Messy Starting Line

How can you be realistic about challenges yet not discouraged? Continue with forward progress when people let you down.

Removing Worship Blockers

Are you stingy with your praise for God? Any self-righteousness or too concerned about people's opinions? There is peace in Jesus.

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