How Flexible Are You?

The Holy Spirit wants to lead you-- not follow you. Stay tuned into His promptings.

A Messy Starting Line

How can you be realistic about challenges yet not discouraged? Continue with forward progress when people let you down.

Removing Worship Blockers

Are you stingy with your praise for God? Any self-righteousness or too concerned about people's opinions? There is peace in Jesus.

Love Overcomes Hatred

We are seeing so much hatred and bitterness in our world. How should Christians respond? It is not time to be silent or passive.

Let the Nations Be Glad

"The goal is not Missions; the goal is . . ."

What is Fellowship?

Are you experiencing healthy and authentic community that helps you grow in your faith?

The Unity of Communion

Do you understand the fullness of taking communion? This is one of the richest rituals in terms of following Jesus.

The Gospel is for Everyone

Why spread the gospel? What is preventing you from reaching more people? What does ipassit mean? Are you giving God full access of your life?

Family Matters

New Heights

Are you ready to experience new territory, confidence, and victories from the Lord? Because of God's mercy, you can overcome massive disappointment.

Holy Silence

How do you respond to the holiness of God?

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