Jesus and The Overconfident

Is your confidence in yourself, or in God? God desires pure motives as we seek Him. What does it mean to you to walk humbly with your God?

Jesus and the Controlling

It is not a surprise that people want to restrict your wholeness and what God is leading you to accomplish.

Jesus and the Bleeding

Jesus draws near to you so that He can be your healer and strength.

Jesus and the Doubtful

Jesus loves doubters, gives opportunities to trust Him, and reassures worriers.

Jesus and the Desperate

Stop thinking that all of God's blessings are going to be convenient. Decide that nothing will stand between you and Jesus.

Jesus and the Reluctant

Jesus sees your potential and persistently leads you there.

Everything Is New

Heaven is coming which means transformation is coming. It does not get any better than spending eternity with King Jesus. 

Love On Display

A united and loving church can make a huge difference in the community around them.

Rediscovering Your Purpose

You are most at peace when God is most glorified. Do you know what your purpose is? How is God directing you towards revival?

Leaving the Cave

Disappointment and fear make caves look appealing. Listen to God's gentle whisper as He transforms you and you live in the light.

A Spirit of Victory

Why would you hold onto defeat when your Savior is risen?

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