Greater Works than Jesus

In the verse above Jesus makes this promise to all believers that not only will we carry on His work, but we will do His work in a greater way than He did. What could this possibly mean that we could do greater works? Pastor Gregory breaks down this verse for us and shows us how the work of spreading the gospel to reach others is an even greater wo…read more

Knowing the Father

The only way that we accurately know the Father is through knowing Jesus. God the Father and Jesus share one divine essence – "I and the Father are one" (John 10:30). God's character and nature are on full display in Jesus. Jesus makes the Father known by His words and by His mighty works.

Only One Way

Jesus plainly claims to be the exclusive path to the Father. In scripture: "I am" is the sacred name of the eternal, self-existing God (Exodus 3:14). "The way" is a path that begins under God's judgement and ends in the presence of God in His house. The only path is Jesus, our sin-bearing substitute. "The truth",Jesus came to bear witness to the truth that brings us freedom. (John 8:32) "The life" Those who believe in Christ Have crossed over from death to life! (John 5:24)

In My Father's House

In John 14, Jesus comforts His disciples and explains to them how to live for his glory in this world. He encourages them to believe in Him and to trust in the promise of heaven. Heaven is a real place, available to all who believe in the Gospel. It is our eternal home, a place filled with joy and love. There we will be with Jesus " home with the Lord."

The Fear of Man

Isaiah 51:12-13 sets forth the challenge, why are you afraid of man? When our lives are ruled by the fear of rejection or attacks of others the effects can include disunity, isolation, and separation from God. Fear of man can be overcome by the fear of God as we acknowledge and repent of our fear and recognize God's all surpassing greatness.

The Fear of Failure

People fear that they will not achieve success, that their needs and wants will be unmet. Some respond with worry, while others take up a lifestyle of greed or give up trying. But success in God’s economy comes through fidelity to Christ. As we experience God’s salvation and pledge ourselves to be used by God, we find true victory and success.

The Fear Above All Other Fears

The fear of death, fear of failure, and the fear of others all affect how we live our lives, but the fear of the Lord overcomes all three. The fear of the Lord is a reverence and awe that comes from knowing God in an ever-increasing way and behaving in accordance with that knowledge. People in the Bible feared God when they witnessed His power in nature and as they experienced His wrath in the protection an purification of His people. When God demonstrates His holiness, we see our own unholiness. God's message to mankind in sending His Son to die on our behalf is that the wrath of God must be satisfied. Look to God in reverence and trust in Christ to forgive you sins.

Living in Babylon

The story of Daniel's life is the story of how to survive and thrive in a hostile spiritual environment. Daniel and his three friends developed daily habits and attitudes that prepared them for intense challenges. Daniel relied on the sovereignty of God. He resolved not to defile himself and acted with humility, prudence, and discretion. Finally, he refused to worship and and serve false gods.

The Lord's Supper

Why does our celebration of the Lord's Supper matter? Jesus commanded us to celebrate communion. We should share Christ's fervent desire to participate because it represents Christ's death that brings us forgiveness and salvation. It's a memorial meal that looks back at Jesus, and a family meal that reminds us to look around at those with whom we share unity in Christ. Communion is a victorious meal where we look forward to Christ's return in glory, and it is a time to give thanks and worship.


Why is baptism important? Baptism is a command of Jesus, an essential part of His great commission to the disciples in Matthew 28:18-10 (above). It is also a visible picture of our faith in the triune God (Matthew 28:19), of our salvation experience (Romans 6:3-4), and of our desire to live faithfully for Christ. Finally, baptism is an act of worship (Acts 8:36-39).

The Many are One

Love binds us together as believers and is a witness to the watching world. Paul reminds us that during the Communion, we mutually participate in the cross. We identify with Christ and proclaim that He died in our place to give us His righteousness. Unity must be guarded by excluding ungodly affiliations and divisions.

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