The Third Sign

John refers to the miracles of Jesus as "signs" because they reveal who Jesus is and why He has come into our world. John 5:1-15 describes the healing of a paralytic. We are paralyzed by sin, but Jesus comes to us individually to bring deliverance. Christ knows our need, has compassion and mercy on us, and uses his mighty power and authority to bri…read more

The Second Sign

Faith in Jesus means taking Jesus at His word. In John 4:46-54, the father of a sick boy believes the word of Christ that his son has been healed and acts on this belief by returning to his home. Jesus is both the object and the giver of our faith. His word is powerful, true, and always accomplishes its purpose.

The First Sign

The miracles performed by Jesus provide a glimpse of His glory and reveal His identity as the sovereign Savior. When Jesus turns water into wine at the wedding in Cana (John 2:1-11), He shows His compassion and creative power. Jesus demonstrates His ability to transform lives and provide true joy. This joy is available today for all who become children of God through faith in Jesus Christ.

Daily Praise

Psalm 145 is filled with heartfelt adoration and worship. This psalm expresses David’s resolve to praise God every day. God is worthy of our daily adoration because of His inexhaustible greatness, mercy, sovereignty, and faithfulness.

The Lamb of God

Names in the Bible have meaning and significance. John names Jesus as "the Lamb of God who takes way the sin of the world" (John 1:29). The Lamb is sent by God the Father as a sacrificial substitute to bear the penalty of the sins of all people of the world. Those who reject belief in Jesus will someday seek to escape the wrath of the Lamb (Revelation 6:15). All who believe in Christ will someday sing "Worthy is the Lamb" with the redeemed in heaven.

John the Witness

In John 1:19-28 John the the Baptist is asked to identify himself. He answered by saying “I am a voice…” and “I am unworthy…” John fulfilled prophecy but was not prideful. Like John, each of us is to be a vocal, humble witness. In order to magnify the Savior we are to be a voice, humbly but clearly speaking of the greatness of the Lord.

Grace upon Grace

John 1:14-18 proclaims the identity of Jesus in two complimentary ways. Jesus is Deity distinct from the Father, yet equal to and worthy to be called the one true God. Jesus was a real human being who enter our world as Emmanuel, God with us. The mission of Jesus was to bring grace: the unmerited, abundant favor and forgiveness of God to those who believe in Him.

A Witness to the Light

The Light is required because of the darkness of the hearts of man who rebel and seek autonomy rather than God. John the Baptist was a God-sent witness to Jesus, the True Light. Jesus was and still is rejected by many who love the darkness, but is received by all who believe in His name and become sons and daughters of grace.

The Word Made Flesh

Jesus is the divine, eternal Creator who entered our world to redeem mankind and reveal God to us. In Christ, God’s thoughts are made audible and God’s character is made visible. Let us study John’s Gospel so that we may come to faith in Christ and have our faith deepened and sustained.

The Eternal Word

The prologue to the Gospel of John (John 1:1-5) reveals the greatness of Christ. Jesus is the eternal, self existent God, the divine Word. He is the creative Word who created the visible and invisible world by the sheer power of His command. Christ is “the light of men,” the illuminating Word who brings us out of the darkness of our sin through his atoning death on our behalf. As we study the Gospel of John, may our prayer be “Make the deity of Jesus a burning reality in our souls.

Christ the Lord

Luke 2:10-11 affirms the identity and mission of the baby born at Christmas. Jesus is a Savior for all people, our Savior from sin's penalty and its rule over us. Jesus is the Christ, the Messiah (one anointed to perform a certain task). He fulfilled the roles of a prophet, priest, and king. Jesus is Lord, God the Son who has sovereign authority. God has acted in history to bring grace to us through Christ — will you accept His gift of grace?

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