The Servant's Sacrifice

How could a loving God allow the death of one of His servants?

A Public Defense

What is the difference between giving a public defense and a Christian apologetic?

Easter Heals Our Brokenness

How much concern have you had about your spiritual dimension? Does you self-sufficiency keep you from seeing your brokenness? John Mark Harrison brings to light our need in today's sermon featuring the true meaning of Easter.

Preparing Our Hearts For Easter

What does gardening have to do with Easter? Perhaps, gardening has much more to do with Resurrection Sunday than you think. Pastor John Mark Harrison uses gardening to help us get the most our of this incredible event called the resurrection celebration in today's sermon.

When Culture Stands Against the Movement

What is persecution? What do you do when you have to experience it for being right? How can you affect the persecutors to the point they join you?

The Act of Boldness

How would it affect you to see God punish sin today as He did in Acts 5? Ananias and Sapphira gave to the church, so why would God take their lives in such a dramatic way?

Recipe for Boldness

"The enemy does not call you to do things that glorify God." Dr. John Mark Harrison continues his series in the book of Acts of the Apostles. What is God calling you to do? What is God calling you to be?

Why it Costs

What is the filter in your life which helps you understand the cost of something? In today's edition, John Mark Harrison helps you learn to count the cost to serve Jesus Christ in the movement of advancing the Gospel.

His Hands and His Feet

How can you be like Peter and John, being used of God in miraculous ways? John Mark Harrison shares how on today's episode.

How to Sustain the Power

The Power for a Movement

Continuing his series on "the Movement", Pastor John Mark Harrison shares more of the mission of God on Earth. That mission includes that the church be ...

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