Recipe for Boldness

"The enemy does not call you to do things that glorify God." Dr. John Mark Harrison continues his series in the book of Acts of the Apostles. What is God calling you to do? What is God calling you to be?

Why it Costs

What is the filter in your life which helps you understand the cost of something? In today's edition, John Mark Harrison helps you learn to count the cost to serve Jesus Christ in the movement of advancing the Gospel.

His Hands and His Feet

How can you be like Peter and John, being used of God in miraculous ways? John Mark Harrison shares how on today's episode.

How to Sustain the Power

The Power for a Movement

Continuing his series on "the Movement", Pastor John Mark Harrison shares more of the mission of God on Earth. That mission includes that the church be ...

Understanding the Mission

The church is not to be an institution. The church is to be a movement. Pastor John Mark Harrison says we need to be people who are transformed by Jesus and are following Jesus more than our ...

Understanding the Mission

Is the New Testament church more like an institution or a movement? Which is it supposed to be?

My Faith

Did you know that the Gospel does more for you than provide salvation from the penalty of your sins? Daily, it also supplies ...

The Songs of Christmas (Part 2)

How can this little babe of Bethlehem be the vicious ruler of Psalm 110? Who is this babe of Bethlehem? Why did He come?


What makes Christmas so special? What gives it the power it has? What should cause one to really have awe and wonder this time of year?


How can we trust God when we can't see what He is doing?

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