Names of God - El Elyon (5 of 23)

Names of God - Elohim (10 of 23)

Names of God - Yahweh Rophe (2 of 23)

Since knowing God is essential to our relationship with God, studying His names is important. Yahweh Rophe is the name God gave Himself to help us discover a key aspect of His nature and character, but sadly, not well understood by most people. So, what does it reveal to us about God?

Names of God - Ab Abba Pater (21 of 23)

Names of God - Yahweh Sabaoth (14 of 23)

Names of God - Adonai (1 of 23)

The Westminster Catechism states that the chief end of man is "To know God and to glorify Him forever." Roger Williams draws out that there is a catch. Also, how is it that we have names of God in the first place?

Names of God - Yahweh Shalom (18 of 23

Names of God - El (17 of 23)

Living Invitation-ally - 1 of 3

Are you rubbing shoulders with people who are far from God? How does Ananias illustrate living invitation-ally? Steve Carter says that the "supernatural begins with 'yes'". Listen to his exciting explanation and teaching from the Mount Hermon Conference Center.

Names of God - Yahweh Shammah (9 of 23)

Names of God - El Olam (16 of 23)

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