Names of God - Yahweh Hoseenu (19 of 23)

Names of God - Yahweh Shammah (9 of 23)

Names of God - El (17 of 23)

Living Invitation-ally - 1 of 3

Are you rubbing shoulders with people who are far from God? How does Ananias illustrate living invitation-ally? Steve Carter says that the "supernatural begins with 'yes'". Listen to his exciting explanation and teaching from the Mount Hermon Conference Center.

Names of God - El Elyon (5 of 23)

Living Invitation-ally - 2 of 3

What do a battle field, an athletic field, and an agricultral field have in common? An unlikely disciple and a Rabbi are part of today's session recorded at Mount Hermon Conference Center, helping to explain the big difference between planting churches and making disciples, living invitation-ally as lead by Steve Carter.

Names of God - Yahweh Tzidkenu (15 of 23)

Names of God - El Olam (16 of 23)

Living Invitation-ally - 3 of 3

How did a Dutch scientist help from centuries ago help illustrate living invitation-ally today? What does Steve Carter mean when he says we are made to give life? His answer, as given at Mount Hermon Conference Center, will surprise you. Listen and learn.

Names of God - Jesus (22 of 23)

Names of God - El Roi (4 of 23)

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