Kara Powell: Sticky Faith - Practical and Tested Ideas to Build a Family (1 of 3)

Bill Butterworth: The Immensity of Character (4 of 4)

Bill Butterworth: The Imprint of Character (3 of 4)

Bill Butterworth: The Importance of Character (1 of 4)

A discussion of Stephen and how he is a man of character.

How Does God Lead Me - Step by Step (4 of 4)

In this message, Bill shares about his divorce and how he saw God work in that process. We have seasons in our lives. We move Chapter by Chapter, Miracle by Miracle, Day by Day and Step by Step. We can often be impatient like the Israelites when Moses goes up on the mountain to meet with God. They lacked faith and decide to disobey. But God calls us to humility and trust.

How Does God Lead Me - Day by Day (3 of 4)

God leads us step by step. After God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, he provided Manna in the wilderness every day. Living day by day is a test of obedience.

How Does God Lead Me - Miracle by Miracle (2 of 4)

God leads us miracle by miracle. Sacred moments come daily, so pay attention! Jesus is delivering. God is working. Even issues that seem challenging and impossible begin to work for our good. The Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt for 400 years, and God faithfully delivered them. When they were up against the Red Sea, he delivered them again! So have faith, and don’t fear! Trust in God!

How Does God Lead Me - Chapter by Chapter (1 of 4)

God leads us chapter by chapter. We all have a story to tell. In this message, Bill explores the life and story of Moses. Born to a Hebrew family, raised by Egyptians, unintentionally murders a man, and flees to live in the wilderness for 40 years. Through his life, we see the lesson that a new chapter can occur in an everyday activity when God shows up and we make ourselves available.

The Discipline of Prayer - 3 of 3

Is prayer a chore for a Christian to do? What is it? How can we do it, joyfully? In this final episode in the three part series on prayer, Al Espinosa helps the listener develop the discipline of Prayer.

The Wellspring vs the Roadblock to Prayer - 2 of 3

What is the true starting point for praying? What is the process of prayer? How can you be brutally honest with yourself about your prayer life? In this edition of Mount Hermon, Al Espinosa leads a deepened understanding of prayer.

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