Names of God - Hua (8 of 23)

Names of God - Yahweh M'Kaddesh (7 of 23)

Names of God - Yahweh Jireh (6 of 23)

Names of God - El Elyon (5 of 23)

Names of God - El Roi (4 of 23)

Names of God - Yahweh-Rohi (3 of 23)

How can one enjoy what is unknown? If we are to enjoy God, doesn't it make sense to get to know Him better and more?

Names of God - Yahweh Rophe (2 of 23)

Since knowing God is essential to our relationship with God, studying His names is important. Yahweh Rophe is the name God gave Himself to help us discover a key aspect of His nature and character, but sadly, not well understood by most people. So, what does it reveal to us about God?

Names of God - Adonai (1 of 23)

The Westminster Catechism states that the chief end of man is "To know God and to glorify Him forever." Roger Williams draws out that there is a catch. Also, how is it that we have names of God in the first place?

How Does God Lead Me - Day by Day (3 of 4)

God leads us step by step. After God delivered the Israelites from Egypt, he provided Manna in the wilderness every day. Living day by day is a test of obedience.

How Does God Lead Me - Step by Step (4 of 4)

In this message, Bill shares about his divorce and how he saw God work in that process. We have seasons in our lives. We move Chapter by Chapter, Miracle by Miracle, Day by Day and Step by Step. We can often be impatient like the Israelites when Moses goes up on the mountain to meet with God. They lacked faith and decide to disobey. But God calls us to humility and trust.

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