Names of God - Yahweh Shammah (9 of 23)

Names of God - El Olam (16 of 23)

Living Invitation-ally - 3 of 3

How did a Dutch scientist help from centuries ago help illustrate living invitation-ally today? What does Steve Carter mean when he says we are made to give life? His answer, as given at Mount Hermon Conference Center, will surprise you. Listen and learn.

Names of God - Yahweh Tzidkenu (15 of 23)

Names of God - El Roi (4 of 23)

The Wellspring vs the Roadblock to Prayer - 2 of 3

What is the true starting point for praying? What is the process of prayer? How can you be brutally honest with yourself about your prayer life? In this edition of Mount Hermon, Al Espinosa leads a deepened understanding of prayer.

Names of God - Jesus (22 of 23)

Names of God - El Shaddai (12 of 23)

The Discipline of Prayer - 3 of 3

Is prayer a chore for a Christian to do? What is it? How can we do it, joyfully? In this final episode in the three part series on prayer, Al Espinosa helps the listener develop the discipline of Prayer.

What it Takes to Save a Generation (1 of 4)

Times are tough; we're in a mess. So what to do? Well, first off ...

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