Building God's Temple In the 21st Century America

In obedience to God's call through Haggai, the Jews built & dedicated the 2nd temple.  However, those who were old enough to have seen Solomon's temple were totally discouraged and wept because the second temple looked very insignificant compared to the magnitude of the first temple.  Then, the prophet Haggai proclaimed God's message to these peopl…read more

God Speaks and Stirs You

What is God’s plan? How does He mobilize His people? What vision has God placed in your heart? There is a calling on your life to build in specific ways. The calling is full of love and will includes sacrifice. The calling involves a community of people and a quality of work. The calling of God is God's presence as He stirs your spirit and equips you.

Betrayal vs Loyalty

Have you ever had a friend who deeply disappointed you? Has it happened with your family? How do you recover during those times? Jesus is loyal to you. Your relationship with Jesus will shape every relationship you have. God gives you love, discernment, and grace every day. May we be faithful and reject betrayal.

God Sings Over You

What is your perception about how God sees you? Have you ever seen a parent singing over their child? How can God quiet you with his love? God loves you. God is with you. God strengthens you. God sings over you. God delights in you. These powerful truths are the basis of a healthy identity and a secure relationship.

Humility vs Pride

What is pride? When is it unhealthy? How are self-centeredness and arrogance deceiving and unfulfilling? Pride and shame are inseparable and cruel. They are not from God, and we often have more of them than we realize. Jesus wants to set us free so that we can worship God and love our neighbors.

Getting Your Attention, Prioritizing Your Life

Though we are not to judge, God will. He loves us. And there have been times throughout history that God passes judgement and makes corrections in our world to bring us, his creation, back to him. Mankind has and will wander from God. We will look at a time when God said, “Enough is enough”. It should remind us that what matters most is having, and keeping, God first in our life.

God’s Faithfulness In Judgment

Why does God judge? How is judgment good? Do you trust God with the final say? God is faithful and can be trusted even when you experience injustice. He has not fallen asleep and is not passively watching with indifference. The results will reveal His wisdom, grace and sovereignty.

The Joy of The Holy Spirit

How is your relationship with the Holy Spirit? What does it look like when God pours out His Spirit into the lives of His people? When have you sensed the joy of the Lord? God wants to fill you with His presence. We need God in our lives to lead us and empower us every day. If we deny this fact, we miss out on His grace and transformation.

A Path Forward When Life Is Difficult

How do you respond when you feel overwhelmed? What are you seeing in today’s world that deeply concerns you? How do you bring hope and restoration in your relationships? Incline your ear to God’s word, reject indifference and bring compassion to people who are in pain. As you cry out to God, He hears your prayers and will move in powerful ways.

King Jesus

What is the significance of the resurrection of Jesus? What difference does it make in our lives every day? What does it mean that death has been defeated? The King’s resurrection is real. The resurrected King is returning. The King is redeeming with resurrection power.

The Church You Want

What kind of church do you want? What are your top values? How can you create a healthy culture? Churches are designed to be alive, dynamic and loving. Many churches become stuck and stuffy. We need a revival and to abide with Jesus throughout the week. God’s plan is for the church to equip people to walk with God and be a united family ready to serve.

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