Who Is Judging Who?

Knowing the Judge should change how you judge.

Where Is Your Heart?

If you don't guide your heart, it will guide you.

What's More Important Than Prayer?

As go your prayers, so goes your life.

Wanting To Be Noticed

It is not a valuable gift if you do not value the person.

An Unusual Love

The love of Jesus is so radical that you will probably question if it is wise.

The Victory of Integrity

What does it look like to be faithful and full of integrity?

Raising The Bar

Jesus sets high standards with accountability while empowering you to soar on the heights.

Do You Trust The Bible?

Good theology needs to be put into practice and passed on to other people.

A Culture Changer

God's internal transformation leads to an outward Manifestation in your life.

Jesus' Kingdom

The Sermon on the Mount begins with the beatitudes and Jesus builds His Kindgom in our hearts.

In His Mighty Power, Not By Magical Power

Put on the whole armor of God to achieve victory in the spiritual battle that we face.

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