What Is Your Song

You cannot control your circumstances, but you choose your song. How are you responding to the challenges that you are facing? What difference does faith make? How can you have a spirit of victory when the situation is not what you want? Make your prayers louder than your pain. Let your loneliness drive you to God. Trust that the fire is refining y…read more

The Truth of Jesus

The love and truth of Jesus our indivisible and bring freedom from sin. Real followers of Jesus do not edit the words of Jesus. Without truth, relationships are shallow, addictions are common, and faith wanders. Jesus is the truth. How do you know what is true in our culture today? How does truth change your life and your direction? How does love confront lies and lead people to truth?

The Faithfulness of Jesus

Jesus is faithful even in the hard times. We see this graphically evidenced in his promise that all nations will hear the good news before He returns. His Church is being built globally now. Because He is faithful to His promises, we want to be faithful to Him in what He has asked us to do.

The Persistence of Jesus

Jesus’ persistent love goes beyond feelings, temptations, and preferences. It is an unselfish investment and leads to redemption. You can have an abundant life because Jesus was completely faithful on his mission. Why and when does God want us to be persistent? How do you persevere in prayer? How do you overcome the temptation to give up?

The Confidence of Jesus

Jesus empowers you to both endure and rise above your challenges. Seeking God leads to a growing confidence in God. The goodness of the Lord is the only real reason we have both a daily and a long-term confidence. How does confidence in God help you during the week? What is the difference between confidence in yourself and confidence in God? What are some of the victories of Jesus that inspire you?

The Generosity of Jesus

In what ways is Jesus generous? How does this help you over come being stingy? What would it look like for you to radically give to people because you love them so much? Giving in the Bible is proportional, sacrificial, joyful, and faithful. When you realize that everything you have actually belongs to God and is from God, you will be freed up to be an instrument of generosity and provision in your relationships. Generosity is a form of worship that honors God.

The Humility of Jesus

What is humility? How humble are you? What difference does it make to follow and trust Jesus? Jesus leads His followers on a path of deep and consistent humility. Your humility will always stand out in a world of strife. Your humility is the fruit of learning how to embrace the strength of the Lord. Your humility leads people to Jesus and His peace.

The Kindness of Jesus

As we live in an unprecedented time, and in the middle of the Christmas season, it is important that we show the kindness of Jesus in practical ways. When we first experience the kindness of Jesus in our life, we can live it out to those around us. In our family, neighborhood, and community giving and receiving kindness from one another is something we all need to participate in each day.

The Patience of Jesus

Real patience includes trust in God, persevering, and letting him transform your life. God is patient with us and is committed to helping us become more like Jesus. Patience is an expression of love. How can you be more patient with other people? When has God been patient with you? What are the consequences of being impatient?

Stepping out of Despair

How do you respond when you reach a low point in life? Where do you find hope? How do you move forward by faith? Joseph was missed treated by his family, sold into slavery, thrown into prison even though he was innocent, and yet continue to abide with God. His story includes trusting God, serving other people, courageously bringing the truth, and forgiving and saving the ones who hurt him.

Crushed Dreams

What does it feel like to have your dreams crushed? How do you recover in life when your hopes are dashed? What does it look like to trust God and his guidance during times of devastation? Joseph has some very unhealthy relationships with his siblings. There is rivalry, competition, envy, and injustice. God gives Joseph a dream and one day he will serve the people who have mistreated him. Joseph’s story points us to Jesus who is faithful and kind even when he is murdered.

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