The Priority of God's Presence

The Faithfulness of Jesus

Jesus is faithful even in the hard times. We see this graphically evidenced in his promise that all nations will hear the good news before He returns. His Church is being built globally now. Because He is faithful to His promises, we want to be faithful to Him in what He has asked us to do.

The Persistence of Jesus

Jesus’ persistent love goes beyond feelings, temptations, and preferences. It is an unselfish investment and leads to redemption. You can have an abundant life because Jesus was completely faithful on his mission. Why and when does God want us to be persistent? How do you persevere in prayer? How do you overcome the temptation to give up?

New Normals

Do you ever get stuck in your faith? Have you seen people clinging to tradition and resisting what God is doing today? How do you know when to be flexible and trust God in a new season? Jesus was clear that new wine won't work in old wine skins.

Authentic Love

If someone watched your life for 24 hours, how much love would they experience? Why is love primary and yet difficult to bring it consistently in our relationships? Who inspires you by the way they love people?

Discipleship Path

Jesus is the Good Shepherd who guides us forward as we take the next step of faith. Do not settle for regression or a stagnant apathy. Salvation, baptism, a church home, serving, community, making disciples, and leadership are examples of moving with and becoming like Jesus.

Focused Prayer

The harvest is plentiful but where are the workers? When you pray, God moves and His plans include you. God transform you into an answer prayer. Do you notice the pain that people carry? How can you be an instrucment of hope and healing?

It Is Well With My Soul

With authority, Jesus declares that He will bring you through every storm.

The Crossroads of Life

Who Is Judging Who?

Knowing the Judge should change how you judge.

Where Is Your Heart?

If you don't guide your heart, it will guide you.

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