Who is A Murderer?

If someone accused you of ever telling a lie or hurting someone with an unkind word, you’d have to say, “Yes, guilty as charged.” But something as serious as murder . . . that’s way beyond anything you’ve ever done, right? Answering that question starts by understanding what Jesus Himself said about sin . . . not just sinful behavior, but the sinf…read more

The Attitude Behind the Act, Part 2

It is the spirit of the law that is the priority—not the letter. The law is not mechanical. It is not simply functional. It is the inside that God is concerned about. God is not looking for externals. He’s looking for changed hearts. Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

The Attitude Behind the Act, Part 1

We all do it . . . we put sins into categories . . . “This sinful thought or attitude isn’t as bad as that sinful action.” But is categorizing sins the right thing to do? Are your actions—the sins people can see—the main issue . . . or does the problem lie deeper? Hear more, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

A Nation Under God? – Part 2

There is no way to hide from the chaos that is the year 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic and related lockdowns are obviously huge parts of that . . . but also, in the United States, we’ve had ongoing social disorder and attacks on police officers that magnify the turmoil. How did we get to this place—where unrest is rampant and where wicked and lawless behavior is tolerated across the social spectrum? Is there any hope for America? Are we really “one nation under God”? Consider those sobering thoughts as John MacArthur returns with part 2 of this special broadcast on “Grace to You.”

A Nation Under God? – Part 1

This year has been a year like no other in recent memory, marked by an unprecedented health crisis and societal lockdowns, punctuated by widespread, brazen, and often violent unrest. And when you factor into those troubling realities the response of some government leaders, the problems seem only worse. Recently, John MacArthur stepped into the pulpit to ask the question “A Nation Under God?” On this special broadcast of “Grace to You,” listen as John brings the stabilizing truth of God’s Word to bear on America’s unraveling social fabric.

The Love of God, Part 6b

On this edition of GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur, John will be looking to the Bible to help you understand how a God who allows tragedies and trials is, at the same time, a God of love. The Love of God—that’s the title of John’s current study.

The Love of God, Part 6a

If you’re a Christian . . . if you’ve repented of your sins and received the salvation God graciously, lovingly offers . . . how are you doing at demonstrating God’s love to the watching world? On GRACE TO YOU, John MacArthur starts looking at specific reasons every follower of Christ needs to display God’s self-sacrificing love.

The Love of God, Part 5b

When you check the headlines and read about violence, disasters and disease . . . do you find yourself doubting God’s goodness . . . wondering if God is—in His most essential nature—loving? If so, you need a deeper understanding of the nature and extent of God’s Love. Hear more from John MacArthur, on GRACE TO YOU.

The Love of God, Part 5a

There are some things that common sense tells you should not go together . . . but with a closer look, you can understand and accept why they do go together. With that in mind, on today’s GRACE TO YOU John MacArthur will help you see how God can punish sinners for eternity and yet still be a God of love.

The Love of God, Part 4b

It’s hard to avoid being bombarded with reports about the coronavirus pandemic, riots, murders, natural disasters—the bad news is rampant. Many people wonder why God allows such calamities. After all, isn’t God a loving God? Why would He allow things to happen that could make Him look uncaring and cruel? Hear more from John MacArthur, on GRACE TO YOU.

The Love of God, Part 4a

The simple phrase “God is love” can be challenging when you consider that He also judges people—even sends them to hell. So how can God be loving and yet punish people for eternity? And how can He be a God of grace and still allow evil in the world? Find out, on GRACE TO YOU with John MacArthur.

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