On Killing Sin

As believers, we are to be sin killers, putting to death evil desires, and sinful actions with the aid of the Holy Spirit. If we do not fully obey the Lord, this is the same as making a truce with our sins. Sin can rip our lives apart, hurt others, and bring serious consequences. We must have a steady resolve to acknowledge our sin, face it, see it…read more

Amazing Grace

Grace is undeserved, unearned redeeming love and forgiveness. God's forgiving grace is eternal and irreversible.

Christ Our Life

All believers in Christ are "with the Lord" even as we live on Earth because of our vital connection with Him. Christ is our victory, our security, and our destiny. Therefore, in light of Christ's preeminence and lordship, let us set our hearts and minds on things above.

Why Memorize Colossians 3?

Why should we memorize scripture, in particular Colossians 3? Scripture is the objective recorded Word of truth from God. It is able to move our hearts and shape our lives so that we can resist sinning against God (Psalm 119:11). Colossians 3:1-17 is an all-encompassing passage which concerns how to glorify God by crushing our vices, cultivating virtues, and becoming preoccupied with Christ.

Our Faithful God

Pastor Gregory steps away from the series on Colossians to remind us of the faithfulness of God during Hurricane Florence. No one ever trusted God in vain. God is faithful, perfectly trustworthy to all generations. In the passage above, God renews His promise to Abram at a time when Abram's faith is wavering. Let us lean on God, remembering that He will fulfill His promises in His own timing.

Say No to Bogus Religion

Self-made, counterfeit religion is powerless to produce change in our lives. Lists of regulations, mystical experiences, asceticism-all these should be neither a foundation for salvation, nor a way to measure the progress of ourselves and others, nor a remedy for besetting sin. Instead, it's essential to cling to Christ and draw near to Him everyday. It is also important to find and give encouragement to others in the body of Christ, the church.

Nailed to the Cross

Nothing more powerful than the love of Jesus on the cross has ever happened in this world. The entire sin debt that we owe to God has been cancelled forever. Satan and his demonic forces have been defeated. The cross is a triumphant cross of victory.

In Christ Our Life

Colossians 2:11-15 describe the unbreakable spiritual bond that believers have with Christ because we are in Christ. Christ's death on the cross makes it possible for us to be united with Christ. Our sins are forgiven, our debt cancelled, and the forces of Satan that bound us are defeated. By faith in Jesus, we can enjoy the benefits of what God is doing in us. We become dead to sin and alive in Christ. Let us always express our love and gratitude to Christ for all He has done.

Let No One Take You Captive

Colossians 2:8-10 contains a warning to believers: We must be aware of the real danger of being kidnapped away from the truth. Empty deceptive philosophies that are not found in scripture rob Christ of glory and rob us of our spiritual freedom. To protect ourselves we must diligently examine the scripture with a humble, teachable spirit, seeking to know Christ as He truly is.

Holy is His Name

The eternal holy, self-existent, unchanging God reigns in supremacy over all. When we realize God's holiness and our accountability to Him, this leads to humility and the revival of our heart and spirit.

Wholly God, Wholly Human

It is supremely significant that Christ is divine. More than possessing the attributes of God and performing the acts of God, Jesus is the full totality of God in human form. God became flesh in order that He might deliver, redeem, change, forgive, and rule us. May Christ always be preeminent in our lives.

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