The Movement (When On Mission)

A Church on the Move

How much are you motivated by "Creature Comforts"? What motivates you to serve when and where God directs you? What does it mean to "prioritize the vertical"? Pastor John Mark Harrison teaches on Acts 13 in today's sermon at Apex Baptist Church.

David Horner - Complete in Christ

What does it mean to be complete in Christ? Does that mean you are perfect? Does it mean there are no deficiencies in my life? David Horner, a July Speaking Series guest speaker at Apex Baptist teaches on this in today's sermon.

Will Graham - Some Doors We Are Not Supposed to Go Through

How do you discern the will of God for your life? When do you know God wants you to go through one certain door when there are multiple doors before you? Will Graham shares how on today's episode of Apex Baptist Church.

Dr. Tim Shaw - What is Forgiveness?

How easy is it for you to forgive? Does it matter who you need to forgive? What are the ramifications of forgiving and of not forgiving? Dr. Tim Shaw leads a study in forgiveness at Apex Baptist Church in Apex NC.

Dr. Brent Crowe

Of the Seven last words of Christ on the cross, which were the most amazing? What did Jesus mean when he said "Surely this day you will be with me in paradise"? Dr. Brent Crowe is the guest speaker at Apex Baptist Church in Apex, NC.

Run In God's Race

If we are going to start well, run well and finish well, we need a strategy, especially if we wish to please Jesus. In today's edition of "Apex Baptist Church" Dr. Danny Akins, President of Southeastern Seminary, shares three principles to have as that strategy.

Overcoming Opposition

What kind of church, what kind of Christian ought we to be? What should be our concerns? Why should the church be a praying church? How does God use prayer? Pastor John Mark Harrison answers these questions and more in today's sermon of Apex Baptist Church.

Building a Biblical Church

Is your church really a Biblical church? How would you know? What should you look for in a church which proclaims itself to be a Biblical church? Pastor John Mark Harrison shares four points to help you identify one in today's sermon at Apex Baptist Church. (good message)


In the old days, God stretched his people by working in them and causing them to move out of their comfort zones. How is God doing that these days? How is God doing that in your life now? Pastor John Mark Harrison helps bring clear understanding on this in today's sermon at Apex Baptist Church.

The Conversion of a Religious Leader

Why is it that many times those who ran hard away from God, end up running hard towards God? How does this happen? Pastor John Mark Harrison answers these and more questions in today's sermon at Apex Baptist Church.

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