Christ's Children

The command for children to honor their parents is given for great reward.

Christ Jesus Glorified In The Family

What are the pictures of the family in Christ and His Church?

Worship Involves Witness

How does the Holy Spirit prompt spiritual sacrifices in our hearts?

Everyone Can Win One

What attitudes should be prompted by the Holy Spirit other than worship and witness?

The Folded Napkin In An Empty Tomb

The resurrection of Jesus Christ destroys Satan's kingdom and guarantees life eternal.

Building a Home for Heaven

Resolve to build your home on the principles of God's Word.

Communicate Or Disintegrate

Jesus Christ is the best pattern for proper communication.

A True Life Of Love

Loving others is not a matter of victory or defeat, but of obedience or disobedience.

Light in the Home

Why the trials of life? So God can reveal his greater purpose and perfect the believer.

Overcoming The Traps

To overcome all attacks, rely on the wisdom and strength God provides.

Jesus My First Love

Jesus proved He is the Friend of sinners, by His suffering on the Cross.

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