SYRIA - God Is Alive_English

God is alive in Syria! This week we talk with "John," a Christian worker from Syria who shares that in spite of the civil war and advances by radical Muslims, God is still at work in Syria. You'll hear how Christians are responding in the midst of the strife there, how VOM is assisting Syrian Christians and you'll learn specific ways you can pray f…read more

CHINA - Would You Give Your Life_English

"Are you willing to go to jail for three years in order to keep working with us on this project?" It is an intimidating question, but those who secretly deliver Bibles to China's Christians know that it is a very real risk. "Brother Joel" is one of VOM's Bible distribution partners, helping deliver Bibles into every province of China. Every single year he asks each one of his workers that question: are you ready to go to jail to keep giving away Bibles? Listen in this week to learn about Joel's work and how his workers answer that question.

SYRIA - God Is Alive

Tens of thousands of Christians have been displaced by the advance of the Islamic State in Iraq. Many families were forced out of their homes with nothing more than the clothes on their backs. This week Todd and Adam discuss traveling to Iraq to deliver aid from VOM to those displaced Christians, hearing their stories of suffering and seeing first-hand how God is working even during this time of upheaval and suffering in Iraq.

CHINA - Would You Give Your Life

Whenever I read the Scripture, it's full of persecution. For Dr. Berhane, a Christian from Eritrea, persecution is not only in Scripture, it's also a part of his personal story. He spent 11 months in prison for his faith in Christ. But even in prison he saw God's hand at work and found opportunities to witness to others. Listen as he shares about how prison guards would come and read the names of prisoners to be executed that day, with each prisoner wondering if that day was the day their name would be on the list. Yet in the midst of suffering and executions, Dr. Berhane says he experienced an inner peace through the presence of Jesus Christ.

IRAQ - Standing with Displaced Christians

Brother John first heard about VOM's ministry when he was given a copy of Richard Wurmbrand's book, Tortured for Christ. After reading the book, his heart was touched and he told the Lord that he would be honored to receive the gift of persecution. Today he helps to support and encourage the church in Myanmar in spite of the persecution and challenges there.

ERITREA - This Inner Peace

Of 700,000 villages in India, 600,000 have no Christian presence at all. Our VOM Radio guest is answering God's call to change that. This week we'll learn how Ebenezer Samuel and VOM partner Serve India Ministries are training pastors and church planters to go into those villages all over India, in spite of persecution and increasing government animosity toward Christians.

Myanmar - Count Me Worthy

This week on VOM Radio we talk with former Congressman Pete Hoekstra about how the United States government responds to Christian persecution around the world, and how we can influence our leaders in Washington DC to be more informed and involved in standing up for our persecuted family.

INDIA - I Want India for Jesus

Aaron shares how his is a lighthouse of Christianity in a hostile place.

Raising Persecution in Washington

Pastor Pierre shares how he read "Tortured for Christ" as a very young Christian and how it impacted his ministry in Lebanon.

North Africa - More than Rules

Brother David continues his story of Tibet and his conversion from Hinduism.

LEBANON - Love Expels Fear

Brother David shows how the body of Christ in Tibet becomes a family for new believers as they are rejected from their own.

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