Missions - Jesus is Already There

Listen as Cynthia Anderson, longtime gospel worker and trainer, shares what it truly looks like to make disciples and train others to continue making disciples, launching Disciple Making Movements (DMM). Her new book, The Multiplier’s Mindset: Thinking Differently About Discipleship, examines the mindset shifts that need to take place in order for …read more

Iran - No Longer an Islamic Nation

The nation is called The Islamic Republic of Iran, but a recent study shows less than a third of Iranians still believe in Islam! Iranians are looking elsewhere to find answers to their spiritual questions. Dr. Hormoz Shariat tells us why, sharing from his own experiences ministering to people in Iran, evangelizing and answering their questions. “More and more I see people of Iran say, ‘To have a future for Iran, we have to get rid of Islam,’” Hormoz says. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews him on this episode of VOM Radio.

Middle East - Take Courage; Wait For the Lord

Gospel workers in restricted and hostile nations risk their lives to spread the gospel. One worker in the Middle East, Jacob, was kidnapped last month and held by a terrorist group. He was kept blindfolded, not knowing if it was day or night. The group threatened to hang him. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews John Samara, founder and executive director of Ananias House, on this episode of VOM Radio.

Afghanistan - Martyr's Widow Says, I'll See Them Again

There had been reports of a pending terrorist attack in Kabul, Afghanistan, when Hannelie Groenewald went in work as a medical doctor on November 29, 2014. Hannelie didn’t know that the Taliban attack would target her own home and family. Join Todd Nettleton as he interviews her for part 2 of her story.

Afghanistan - God Takes You Through

It’s been two years since the Taliban retook control in Afghanistan. Pressure and persecution against Christians in the country continues to rise. Hannelie Groenewald, a former gospel medical worker there, paid a high price for her faith when her husband and children were martyred in their home in Kabul in 2014. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews her on this episode of VOM Radio.

Persecution in Mexico - God Called Us Here

Isaac Santiago, VOM’s Regional Leader for Latin America, and his team are standing with Christians suffering for their faith in Mexico, Colombia and other nations. They are also reaching out to Christians in Latin America who aren’t currently facing persecution, telling them the stories of heroic faith and inviting them into fellowship with persecuted Christians. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews Isaac about what Spanish resources are available and will be soon on this episode of VOM Radio.

Indigenous Missions - What Took You So Long To Get Here?

Ten years ago, there were 3,000 unengaged, unreached people groups around the world--peoples who had never had a witness to share the gospel with them. Today, that number is less than 500 unreached, unengaged people groups. David will share stories of places where missions leaders have seen the last remaining unreached people groups in a region reached for the gospel – even amidst difficult times for the church. Listen to Todd Nettleton as he interviews David Bogosian, the CEO of Christian Aid Mission on this episode of VOM Radio.

Laos - Passing Tests of Faith

Pastor Mele was detained in Laos after police found copies of God’s Word. Now, police attend his church services every week, looking for reasons to detain him or close the church. “As a human,” he says, “I have fear. But I trust the Lord to protect me and guide me.” Listen to Todd Nettleton interview Pastor Mele on this episode of VOM Radio.

Persecuted Christians - Grateful Their Story Is Told

What sustains you in the trials of your life? A pastor in Burma along with his wife were arrested for their faith and imprisoned. The pastor was arrested seven times! Yet, God's Word sustained them throughout. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews Floyd Brobbel, CEO of VOM Canada about his recent meeting with this pastor and how the church is still growing in hostile and restricted nations despite persecution.

Overcoming Fear in the Middle East - Lord, Don't Let Them See Me Shake

There are times when we fear in life. Brother James acknowledges that there are times when fear rises up in him but says as Christians, we must not let fear drown out the call God has placed on us. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews James on his time in the Middle East and how God answered prayers at just the right time.

Libya - We Wanted Our Lives to Glorify Jesus

How would you respond on live TV a few days after your husband was martyred in Libya for his faith? Anita Smith spoke on CNN and CBS This Morning forgiving those who killed her husband - even speaking in Arabic on live TV to Libya. Listen as Todd Nettleton interviews Anita and hear how God was faithful despite her husband's death.

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