Leaders Bring Hope

How can you bring hope to a group?

Hope From Good Leaders

Having coffee with a close friend the other morning we began to talk about what makes a good leader. The bottom line was, “...

Hope Through Impossible Circumstances

He had been on death row for 13 years! He was allowed four hours a week of exercise in the prison yard under close security. His next response was something I hadn’t expected. He said,...

Hope from Dysfunction

What hope is there for God to use a dysfunctional family?

Hope from Trust

Ever had your child say to you, “You don’t trust me!”?

Hope in Impossible Circumstances

When things look Hopeless it is time to believe Jesus for a new future scenario! He has done it time and again. Several of us were locked into an impossible business situation a few years ago. We faced a future co...

Hope in the Midst of a Busy Schedule

Jesus had the formula for keeping Hope in life. Listen to Lauren Libby share the formula on this episode of Get Hope.

Hope in Mutual Experiences

How can God bring about hope from folks we meet?

Jesus Gives Hope to Children

Jesus wanted to give the next generation a good dose of ...

Hope Through Character

Character is a big topic, particularly in relation to leaders and leadership. Recently I heard a talk that leaders who bring Hope exhibit three things: ...

Living in Community

What can happen when we work together as believers in Jesus?

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