Hope Through Talking to Jesus

Last week a friend called me and outlined a seemingly impossible situation. He ended the conversation with this statement, “Lauren, I honestly don’t even know how to pray about this!!!”

Hope Comes Through Loving Others

How can we bring Hope to those who haven’t encountered Jesus?

Words Can Bring Hope

Words are incredibly important and powerful. How seriously do you take them?

Hope Through Praise

When was the last time you took some time to say thank you and praise Jesus for who He is and what He has done for us?

A Me Focused Life Can Rob Others of Hope

What impact will your decisions and actions have on those who come after you, such as your children and grandchildren?

Hope from Being Used by God

How did God use a dessert in my life?

Hope From Ashes

Ever feel like Peter who had most of his dreams dashed in one night? Then, Jesus met him and...


What are the three "C's" of leadership?

Hope for a Man at the End of Life

Do you only have a survival mentality?

Hope Through Attitudes

Have you noticed how attitudes convey the true feelings of our hearts?

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