Where Did We Get a Mind and Conscience?

Does your conscience ever bother you? Where did it come from?

Death by Texting

What Alfred Wallace Thought about God

Does evolution make atheism credible? Ask Darwin's close friend.

Darwin's Less Famous Partner: Alfred Russel Wallace

Darwin's partner thought evolution wasn't as smart as Darwin thought.

What Darwin Thought about God

Was Darwin an atheist?

Does Evolution Justify Atheism?

Have some people made evolution a god?

An Astronaut Admires Design

What's more complex than a rocket traveling to the moon? Could it be something in your own house?

Houston, We Have a Problem

Astronaut Charlie Duke helped to rescue Apollo 13 crew, then walked on the moon in Apollo 16.

How Could a Virgin Be a Mother

How was Jesus born without an earthly father?

How Did Your Brain Get So Smart

Your brain can do more than you think.

A Brain Built with Brilliance

Your 3-pound brain has a ton of intelligence!

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