The Ultimate Father-Son Chat

God doesn't gauge your parental success on how well your kids do in school or how often they attend church or how well they're taken care of. His standard is very different. So join Stephen now to evaluate yourself according to God's Word.

The Word on Words

Language can serve as a force of good as well as a force of evil depending on how you use it, and Solomon gives us example after example of both kinds of uses. So join Stephen now as he brings us Solomon's word . . . on words.

Observations from an Anthill

Ants are considered pests for a good reason! They build their houses in the middle of your yard and they sneak into your kitchen to eat your fruit and cereal! But believe it or not, ants also teach us a lot about discipline and hard work. So let's learn a big lesson from these little teachers.

Birds of a Feather

You might have heard the saying growing up, "You are who your friends are or you soon will be," but is it really true that we are positively and negatively influenced by the people we spend our time with? Find out now as Stephen continues his quest for Biblical wisdom.

Walking Wisely in a World of Fools

How do we weigh the different choices that face us each day? And how do we handle the unique trials that accompany those choices? Well the easy answer is to get wisdom. But getting wisdom isn't so easy, is it?! If it were, there wouldn't be so many fallen Christians lying by the wayside. In this message Stephen reminds us that the road to wisdom is a treacherous path . . . and there are many thieves who line the way.

Wiser Than an Owl

Although knowledge and wisdom are both by-products of each other, they aren't the same. Knowledge has perceivable limits. When Socrates made that timeless statement, "I know that I do not know," he was implying that no man can know everything about everything. And he was right! But wisdom isn't like that. It can't be measured by an IQ test or graded on some definitive scale. So how can we measure wisdom in our lives? How do we know when we've got it? Stephen tells us in this message.

As The Curtain Rises

If you want to learn how God created the heavens and the earth, read Genesis. If you want to learn about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, read John. If you want to learn how the Church was started, read Acts. But if you want to learn how to live wisely in the world, read Proverbs. No other book probes so deeply into the minute thoughts and decisions of our everyday lives as this one.

Question and Answer Program No. 76

Stephen and Scott discuss questions phoned in by listeners. Please note that there is NO transcript available for this program. Due to the Corona Virus situation, this program is a repeat of QA27 which aired in January 2017.

No Longer Top Secret, pt.2

The last days will not be a pretty sight for those who refuse to bow their knee to Christ. But they will be a glorious sight for those who do. Whose side are you on today?

No Longer Top Secret, pt.1

The last days will not be a pretty sight for those who refuse to bow their knee to Christ. But they will be a glorious sight for those who do. Whose side are you on today?

From George St. to Your Street, pt.2

Prophets like Moses, Elijah and John the Baptist don't exist anymore. They're not walking the streets of New York City proclaiming the words of God and performing miracles. Some men would like to think themselves prophets, but they're wrong. However, the days of the Prophets aren't quite over. In the last days God will send two men to prophecy of His coming Judgment. Their message . . . along with their miracles . . . will take the whole world by surprise.

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