MNN 15 March 2019

Hope remains as Syria crumbles | Community transformation begins with partnership | Are you right for the field?

MNN 14 March 2019

Cyclone Idai looms over Mozambique | Help reach Muslims like Ehmed for Christ | Select Global Disciples offers unique opportunities to share Gospel with least Global Disciples offers unique opportunities to share Gospel with least reached

MNN 13 March 2019

Syrian refugee crisis approaches eight-year mark | Reaching the Unreached with the Gospel requires the global Church | Reaching Italians for Christ

MNN 12 March 2019

Ministry continues despite latest Venezuela crisis | SAT-7 USA launches podcast on creative ministry | Coins for refugees’ education

MNN 11 March 2019

Algeria, Sudan protests continue; Arab Spring 2.0? | Iran and its Millennial moment | e3 Partners’ local church training impacts U.S. community

MNN 08 March 2019

Algeria: protesters eager for change | Doors opening for ministry in Eastern Europe | International Women’s Day intersects with the Gospel

MNN 07 March 2019

United Nations: food production in North Korea ‘lowest for a decade’ | Corruption is a problem for Church and State | MAF fills airstrip need in Haiti

MNN 06 March 2019

Nigeria: a second chance for peace? | Egyptian edict is an encouraging sign for Christians | Religious freedom challenges in China bring urgency to equip Chinese Church

MNN 05 March 2019

Pressure pays off for the people of Sudan | South Sudan: peace deal success or failure? | Find where your hobbies and the Great Commission collide

MNN 04 March 2019

Colombia, Venezuela and the next showdown | Winter brings new difficulties for war-torn Ukraine | Frontiers USA seeks “go-ers” for 2019 mission trips

MNN 01 March 2019

US-North Korea talks continue the status quo | How to bridge the sacred-secular divide: A lesson from Ghana | Ta’Shuf Tours: Discover the Holy Land from a Palestinian Christian perspective

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