Journey to the Holy Land: Caeserea Philippi

Journey to the Holy Land with Michael as he takes you to four spots on his Israel tour. Second stop: Caesarea Philippi.

Journey to the Holy Land: Caeserea

Journey to the Holy Land with Michael as he takes you to four spots on his Israel tour. First stop: Caesarea.

How Did We Get Our English Bible?

There are approximately 900 printed English translations and paraphrases of the Bible. What is the story behind the first English translation and how we arrived with so many versions today? A conversation with Dr. Ed Blum, General Editor and Translator of the Holman Christian Standard Bible.

Get Away + Rest

Are you too busy to rest? Is your day too hectic to spend time in God's Word and presence? Jesus' invitation to the disciples is the same invitation He daily extends to us. Join Michael as he teaches from Mark 6.

Racial Reconciliation: Has progress been made?

A conversation about the progress of racial reconciliation in America and the church, racially charged current events, Black Lives Matters, and what our response should be as followers of Christ. Guests include: Dr. Crawford Loritts, LaTasha Morrison, and Jesse Lee Peterson.

The Happy Man is the Forgiven Man

Do we understand the gravity of God’s forgiveness and experience the joy that it brings? Join Michael as he teaches from Psalm 32.

Out of Context: Proverbs 31 Woman

How much stress does the Proverbs 31 passage cause you, women? What if it's not about the "ideal woman" at all? Listen as Michael explains this "out of context."

The Abortion Provider: Balancing Truth with Compassion

On this episode: George Grant shares the little-known truth about Margaret Sanger and the origins of Planned Parenthood; Dr. Anthony Trabue shares his perspective as a former abortion provider, and Meagan Weber discusses And Then There Were None, a nonprofit that assists abortion clinic workers leave the abortion industry.

Pro-Life v. Pro-Choice

A conversation about the pro-life and pro-choice rhetoric, convictions, and more with Roland Warren (President/CEO of CareNet) + Stephanie Gray (pro-life activist).

The Gospel + The Film Industry

The Greatest Message in the world deserves to be told on the most influential medium, in the best way possible. An interview with Dallas Jenkins, writer, director, producer of award-winning faith-based films. His latest film, "The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” hits theaters January 20th.

Four Prayers for a New Year

We all want to live a life that matters. Join Michael as he teaches from Psalm 90 with four prayers to consider as you set your New Year's Resolutions.

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