Crumbs from the Master's Table Pt. 1

Jesus tries to get away for some time alone with his disciples. He leaves the borders of Israel and travels to Phoenicia, but even here he cannot escape notice. A woman finds him and loudly cries for help for her daughter who is afflicted with an evil spirit.

The Bleeding Woman and the Dying Daughter Pt. 2

Jesus has healed a woman but in taking the time to heal her and speak with her precious time has been lost and Jairus’ daughter has died. Jairus is crushed, but Jesus said, “Do not be afraid, only believe.” Let’s find out what happened.

The Bleeding Woman and the Dying Daughter Pt. 1

Jesus is on his way to heal a little girl who is at the point of death. But the crowds will hardly let him move. They claw at Jesus and grab him, trying to tap into his power, but only one receives it – a woman who is impure before God and man.

The Woman Who Wept at His Feet Pt. 2

Jesus has gone into a home and is insulted by not being given water for his feet, a kiss of greeting, and oil for his head. A woman in the crowd watching the scene is appalled by this insult and takes matters into her own hands. What do the Pharisees think of this? What does Jesus think?

The Woman Who Wept at His Feet Pt. 1

Intro – Jesus is publicly insulted, but a woman in the crowd, appalled by such behavior, takes matters into her own hands. Who was this woman and what did she do to honor Jesus?

The Beauty of Holiness

Everything that any man could ever want is found in the presence of our holy God. Every longing is met, every aspiration fulfilled, every thirst quenched, and every hunger satisfied.

What We Do to Become Holy

Sin knocks on the door of our hearts and wants to come in masquerading as our friend and servant, but once we let it in, it becomes our master and never wants to leave.

What God Did to Make Us Holy

I have some good news for you today. Even though we all have times where we stumble. These are the times to remember that our relationship with God is based upon him and his perfect record, not us and our imperfect record. Let’s learn how this can set us free.

Conviction, Not Condemnation

One of the most important lessons to make progress in a holy life is the difference between condemnation for sin and conviction of sin. One is from the devil. The other is from God. Have you learned the difference?

Holiness Looks Like Jesus Pt. 4

Imagine if you were sick or could not walk for 38 years. Imagine if Jesus healed you from that. Imagine if Jesus then said, “Don’t fall into sin so that nothing worse will happen to you.” What could be worse than being sick for 38 years? We’ll find out today.

Holiness Looks Like Jesus Pt. 3

The song Blessed Assurance describes the kind of life we want, not a life of seeing how much we can get away with, not a life of half-heartedness, and not a life of reluctant, begrudging obedience, but a life of happy holiness. Let’s learn more about it.

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