Steven McCoy – Discovering God’s Gifts

How do we discover what our best contribution in life can be? Well, Steven McCoy has a lifelong desire to make his life count began in a very simple way. For Steven, his adventure was initiated by a relationship with Jesus

Nick Hall – Unexpected Places

Have you ever wondered how to Make Your Life Count? Well, as Nick Hall has discovered, when you look to God for direction, He can work in some pretty unexpected ways. Listen as Nick shares his story.

Matt Jackson – Social Media

In our eagerness to defend our faith in Christ, we can find ourselves becoming upset with people instead of loving them. Matt Jackson found himself in that position when he got into a discussion on Facebook.

Lauren Chandler – Praying for People

Praying for people is one way that Lauren Chandler makes her life count. Listen as she explains what she’s learned from interceding on the behalf of others on today's Making Your Life Count.

John Immel – Life Change

John Immel lived the life of a surfer in California for decades. But his lifestyle left him feeling empty. Today on Making Your Life Count, John tells how his empty lifestyle eventually led him to the cross.

John Bevere – Forgiveness

Understanding God’s love and forgiveness is really powerful. Well, John Bevere knows that forgiving people, regardless of who they are or what they have done, is crucial. His own experience of having to forgive someone in the service of ministry changed his life.

Crawford Lorritts – Faith Like Abraham

Abraham is an Old Testament figure God used to make a difference in the destiny of mankind. Pastor Crawford Lorritts says it was Abraham’s incredible faith in God that made all the difference.

Carl Thomas – Answered Prayer

You know… God sometimes answers prayers in powerful ways. And sometimes we find out the answer years later. Carl Thomas knows that the secret to answered prayer is really quite simple. Keep on praying.

Brett Boncore – Direction

We all want to make our lives count, but sometimes the way to do that seems unclear. Brett Boncore describes for us what has kept him going in his attempts to have an influence in his workplace.

Bobby Gruenwald – App for That

Could technology make it easier for people to connect with God’s Word on a daily basis? That thought prompted Bobby Gruenwald to create a mobile Bible app that’s impacting over 100 million people every day. Listen as Bobby describes one man’s experience.

Danny Akin – Great Commission

There is no better way to make your life count than to help fulfill the Great Commission, that is, Jesus’ command to take the gospel everywhere. We may think of this as applying only to individuals or churches, but Danny Akin says that this is also something for us to be involved in as families. Danny explains how on today’s Making Your Life Count.

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