Mike Nawrocki – Kids and Story

VeggieTales creator Mike Nawrocki knows the important role story can play in communicating truth to kids. He’s our guest on today’s Making Your Life Count.

Kyle Idleman - “Aha” Moments

Do you ever have “aha moments” in life? Well today on Making Your Life Count, pastor Kyle Idleman joins us to discuss how God can get our attention in everyday instances.

Blanca – God’s Will

Finding God’s will for our lives can be a challenge at times. Well, singer Blanca shares her experience in following the Lord’s leading in her own life.

Steven McCoy – Making a Difference

Leading a Bible study with peers might seem nerve-wracking, but it’s really not. On today's Making Your Life Count, Steven McCoy tells of a time when he stepped out of his comfort zone, and it made an eternal difference.

Carol Spann Mathews – Sharing Through Film

You know, stories are a great way to connect with people. On today's Making Your Life Count, film producer Carol Spann Mathews talks about the importance of sharing our experiences.

Barnabas Piper – Fully Trusting God

Do you ever feel like you trust God, but perhaps not fully? Well, Barnabas Piper considers that to be a common experience. He explains how it can actually help us in our Christian life.

Paul Haroutunian – Power of Prayer

How about a prescription for life change? Pharmacy technician turned pastor, Paul Haroutunian tells a unique story on today’s Making Your Life Count.

Donnelly Cameron – Sharing Struggles

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t talk to anyone about your struggles ---not even to God? Well, Donnelly Cameron has experienced those same feelings. Donnelly talks about the challenges and the benefits of being perfectly honest with God.

Father's Day – Honoring Dads

What comes to mind when you think of your dad? Well host Steve Douglass discusses honoring fathers today on Making Your Life Count.

Matt Jackson – A Caring Approach

Have you ever found yourself getting into an argument with someone when discussing spiritual things? Matt Jackson says that showing you care about them as individuals is a better approach. And this applies especially to conversations online.

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