Scott Stankavage – Prayer

For retired NFL quarterback Scott Stankavage, prayer has become particularly meaningful as he’s facing a serious battle with leukemia. Well today, Scott shares what he has learned about prayer in his own life.

Anna McCall – Loss

After the tragic loss of her sister, Anna McCall began to feel God’s love despite her many unanswered questions. Today on Making Your Life Count Anna joins us to share her story.

Andrea Buczynski – Motivation

Andrea Buczynski knows that there are important perspectives we need to have in order to make our lives count. Well today, Andrea shares several things that motivate her.

Max Lucado – Circumstances

Even in terrible circumstances, what might look like evil, God can use for good. Today on Making Your Life Count, Max Lucado gives a biblical example.

Sarah Parshall Perry – Sharing by Caring

Have you ever experienced anxiety or depression, but hesitated to tell others about it? Well, Sarah Parshall Perry has come to see her struggles in these areas as God-given opportunities to be vulnerable as she cares for people.

Jeremy Story – Peer Reach

Ever thought about how you can reach your peers with Jesus Christ? Well today on Making Your Life Count, Jeremy Story shares how several students from Texas did just that.

Bill Muir – Mentoring

Investing in people is a great way to shine Christ’s light! Today on Making Your Life Count, Bill Muir discusses the importance of mentoring.

Japhia Life – Following Christ

For recording artist Japhia Life, following Christ has meant focusing on three specific areas of his life. On today's Making Your Life Count, Japhia tells us how doing this has changed his relationship with the Lord.

Jennifer Rothschild – Dare to Compare

In this day and age, it’s easy to compare ourselves with others. Today on Making Your Life Count, Jennifer Rothschild gives a very personal illustration.

Jason Benham – Relationships

You know, relationships in life are important. And as Jason Benham says, a relationship with the Lord is vital. Jason shares just what he means by that.

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