Francesca Battistelli – Sharing

Talking to people about God can be scary. But it’s something we’re all called to do. On today's Making Your Life Count, singer Francesca Battistelli shares a personal story from her college days.

Matt Jackson – Social Sharing

Are you ever hesitant to share your faith because you are afraid that you will not be able to respond to another person’s objections? Matt Jackson has found that Facebook is a good place to learn and practice having spiritual conversations with people.

Louie Giglio – Direction

Gaining an understanding of God’s will and direction for your life can take some time, can’t it? Today on Making Your Life Count, Louie Giglio gives us a simple shortcut in discovering God’s plan for our lives.

Adam Agee – Following God

For Adam Agee and the other members of Audio Adrenaline, it’s essential that they remain in tune with God’s leading.Today on Making Your Life Count, Adam explains what he means by this.

Alan Lyle – Relationship

Helping move someone along on their spiritual journey is what Alan Lyle lives for. A favorite story of Alan’s is when he struck up a relationship with a gentleman in Italy while having coffee.

Anne Marie Winz – Listening

Ministering effectively to others often requires that we be good listeners. Anne Marie Winz encountered a situation where listening and then simply communicating God’s love resulted in a changed life. She gives the details on today's Making Your Life Count.

Beth Smith – Story Investment

Instead of reading her children bedtime stories, Beth Smith loves telling her kids bedtime stories. And she doesn't read those stories from a book, she tells them from memory. Just the way her children want her to. How does this relate to sharing Christ. Beth explains on today's Making Your Life Count.

Ken Cochrum – Unexpected Light

It’s amazing how God can use you to make a lasting difference in people’s lives, even in unexpected places. For Ken Cochrum, an interaction with a store clerk turned into a life-changing conversation about faith.

Tripp Lee – On Your Own?

You know, it’s sometimes easy to feel like you’re able to do things in your own strength. Musician Tripp Lee has learned that relying on God, in prayer, is far better that anything he could attempt to accomplish on his own.

Jennifer Rothschild – Making a Difference

When Jennifer Rothschild was 15 years old, she was diagnosed with an incurable eye disease that led to her blindness. But even so, God has used Jennifer to make a difference in countless people’s lives.

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