What's Blinding You from Seeing Jesus in Your Life?

If you have never discovered who Christ is, ask yourself if it's because of your unbelief.

The Difference in Communication Between Men and Women

Here are some suggestions to help you out of a miserable marriage.

How to Be Content in a Materialistic World

Simplifying your life is the path to contentment in a materialistic world!

Does Reincarnation Fit in with Christianity?

There is a great deal about Christianity and the religions of the world, especially when it comes to second chances.

3 Simple Steps to Get to Heaven

Learn the 3 steps that can get you to heaven.

What Will Life Be Like in Heaven?

Here are answers to more questions about heaven that you may have.

Do Babies Go to Heaven? (and Other Questions)

Find out the answers to some questions about heaven.

Does My Life Have Any Purpose?

Understanding God's will leads to a life of purpose.


Can a believer in Jesus Christ afford to be indifferent to the needs of others while living a lifestyle of luxury?


Can you borrow someone's righteousness?

Who Says Life is Fair?

Only a fool would deny the fact that some of life's greatest lessons are learned from facing life's unfair challenges!

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