How to Find Joy in Your Circumstances

You can spontaneously lift your voice in a song as an act of worship even in the most difficult circumstance!

3 Steps to Move Forward After Your Adultery

There are 3 questions you must answer to be able to move forward after your adultery.

This is Why Adultery is Harmful

How destructive is adultery today?

How to Love and Hate Like Jesus

Knowing what Jesus loves and hates will help you understand your role in either dividing or uniting the Body of Christ.

Why is Lying Harmful?

You can lie either by what you say or don't say!

Who is the Jewish Messiah?

Jesus' Jewish lineage can be traced through His mother to King David.

What Does Jesus Really Look Like?

If you want an answer to what Jesus really look like, you must turn to the pages of the Gospels and read what His biographers wrote.

What Did Jesus Really Look Like?

The writers of the Gospels described Jesus as the Son of God. But is His physical description far more important to know?

How Do I Get to Know Jesus?

Find out how you can get to know Jesus without the pre-programmed answers.

How to Start Putting Your Faith in God

Do you believe that God is able to heal and do things beyond the human logic?

Begin Seeking God's Forgiveness Today

There is forgiveness for your wrongdoing, no matter what it may be, if you pour out your heart before God.

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