"We Continue to Love"

A reminder that hatred creates separation but forgiveness brings healing and restoration.

The Answer to the Sickness of Sin

Only one response to being wronged will remove the sting and bring healing.

Revenge, Repression, or Forgiveness

Which one would God have you choose?

A Church for the Birds

Jesus simply asks us to "come with me."

Does God Have a Sense of Humor?

Do you think Jesus saw humor in the ironies of life?

Leaving the Answers to God

Maybe we need to replace the need to understand the "why" with the discipline of obedience.

Is God Really to Blame?

Are you holding God accountable for everything you think is unfair in your life?

The Lure of the Emotional

What do we do when our heart is battling against our head?

The Last Question, "Why?"

Why does He love us?

Why Did My Baby Die?

A reminder to trust God's heart when we can't see His hand.

Why Me, God?

Pain may actually be a blessing from God!

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