Living Counter-culturally

Challenging Culture

What makes some strong enough to lead the fight while others give up?

When You Stand Alone

Let's look at the stages of opposition.

The Cultural Battle for Your Soul

Isn't the entire history of humanity a story of cultural conflict?

What is Culture Anyway?

Can we expect culture to deliver what we want and, more importantly, what we need?

Living Sacrifices

Will you follow Jesus--in body, soul and spirit?

A Divided Heart

What is the antidote to a divided heart?

Obedience is a Good Choice!

Let's look at what it takes to be obedient.

The Right Thing the Wrong Way

To gain better perspective and understand what really matters, we need to look at God's point of view.

The Politics of Friendship

Today we are reminded that although we live in a sinful world, God's grace can change our lives.

The Power of His Resurrection

The comfort which makes loss bearable!

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