This is the Truth About Stewardship

Any person who acknowledges that what he has belongs to the Lord ends up with more than he had in the beginning.

Learn Who Your Tithe Belongs To

Does God have a claim to what you have?

How to Make a Difference

Are you willing to do something for a cause?

4 Qualities We Can Learn from David

Let's check out David's qualities that we desperately need today.

What Does It Mean to Invest in Heaven?

Investing in heaven goes far beyond dropping money in the offering plate or mailing a check to your favorite charity.

What Do You Do with Your Investments?

Are you investing your life in something greater than what the world offers?

Where Do You Invest Yourself?

Are you focused only on the tangibles, like money, and not your abilities and time for your investments?

How to Bear Each Other's Burden

There is a time and a place for help!

Learn About the Truth of Servanthood

Have you ever washed someone's feet like Jesus?

How to Respond to the Pain of Someone Suffering

Are you an answer to the needs of the hurting?

Guidelines for Dealing with Difficult People

Here are steps to help diffuse situations with difficult people.

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