How to Identify the Signs of Suicidal Thoughts

We need to note the red flags or warning signs that can be someone's desperate cry for help.

4 Guidelines to Teaching Your Kids to be Honest

Do you want to teach the importance of honesty to your child?

Stop Living a Dishonest Life!

Dishonesty has a high cost in terms of personal and national integrity.

How to Show Sincere Gratitude

There is a difference between expressing thanks and being genuinely grateful.

Here is the Secret to a Great Life

Let's discuss Paul's secret to his great life in this devotional.

How Do I Find a Safe Place?

Don't wait until your world is falling apart to take refuge in the Lord, our stronghold!

This is the Story of the Man Who Trusted God

Here is the story of Hudson Taylor and his mission to China.

Find Out What You are Living For

Would you say you are making a sacrifice or privileged to serve Jesus?

Learn from the Life of Evangeline Booth

Find out the qualities of a distinguished servant of God so you too can be one!

This is Why We Love Grandparents

Consider the impact of godly grandparents to grandchildren and how rewarding it is to be an influence to young people.

What is the Key to Love?

Here are 7 guidelines to accepting and loving a person.

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