Six Things God Hates

How does your life measure up to God's standards?

The Cross as a Prism

What exactly is light?

What Light Does

Are you afraid of the light?

God is Light

Tell me about God! I am forgetting!

Is There Any Light?

Who, in your life, is hopeless and in need of a reminder that Christ is the light that can make a difference

Punching Holes in the Darkness

Are you the kind of light which punches holes in the darkness?

Can You Tell Me My Future?

Resolving Conflict

Take him by the hand and lead him where you want him to go.


Can the second half of your life be better than the first half?

Over the Hill When You Haven't Been at the Top

Is youth wasted on the young?

The Middle Years

The worst of times or the best of times? It's up to you to decide!

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