How to Take Responsibility

Find out today's challenges of personal responsibility and know that you are still accountable.

Is It Too Late for God's Love?

There's a lesson to learn in the prodigal son.

This is Why God is Searching for You

Are you lost?

Discover the True Source of Joy

Joy endures and remains, regardless of your circumstance.

How Do I Find God?

If you really are interested in finding God, look for Him in Jesus, His Son.

The Reason You Don't Have to Worry

"You are worth more than many sparrow," Jesus reminded in the gospel of Matthew.

Find a Better Way to Handle Anxiety

Remind yourself that God is sovereign and free yourself from unnecessary anxiety.

How Do I Know if God Really Exists?

Your belief ultimately determines the answer to your question on God's existence.

Stop Living Your Life in Fear!

Knowing that God neither sleeps nor is indifferent to your needs should give you confidence to walk into the future!

What Does It Mean to Have Peace?

If you are under God's protection, you can have peace in a world of turmoil.

Discover Peace in an Uncertain World

Here are 3 reasons why you can have peace even in turbulent times.

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