4 things God says when you're discouraged

There are 4 things God says He will do when you call on Him.

How do you know you can trust God?

There's a battle between trusting God and the storms in your life.

Here is the only shortcut to victory

Center your thoughts on the faithfulness of God and you will find something praiseworthy!

Here's why you don't feel close to God

Here are 3 enemies that will keep you from intimacy with God.

2 keys to bypassing bitterness

Two keys can open up your prison of revenge against someone who has wronged you.

Don't quit!

As long as you live, God has a purpose for you!

What does it mean to be a citizen of God's kingdom?

Understanding that God's kingdom is of righteousness and love will help you understand what it means to be its citizen.

Discover a life marked by peace, harmony and order

You can live in an invisible kingdom marked by peace, harmony and order!

The place to find real joy

If you, as God's child, are joyless, you're missing out on what God intends for you to have!

How do I seek an invisible kingdom?

All the money in the world won't open the door to God's kingdom?

What is the kingdom of God?

Jesus told His followers to seek His kingdom. What is Jesus talking about?

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