This is the Best Way to Celebrate Life

"A well-lived life leaves beautiful treasures..."

Stop and See People as They Really Are

Are we a bit blind when it comes to judging people?

What Does It Mean to be At Home with the Lord?

The Bible says that when Jesus is our Savior, we are immediately with Him when we die.

What is the Best Way to Find Peace?

We need to make room for Jesus if we want a life of peace.

This is Why Jesus is Always with You

A Christmas story from a little orphan boy's perspective.

Discover the Difference Love Makes at Christmas

Here's a Christmas version of the famous Love Chapter in the Bible!

This is The Shopper's Prayer

This prayer could help your eyes turn away from worthless things!

Begin Showing Jesus in Your Life

Let's ask God to help us demonstrate Jesus to our world.

Discover the Beauty of Encouragement

What words do you have that can lift someone up today?

This is Why You Can Trust that God will Direct Your Steps

Have you had moments that confirmed you were in the right place at the right time?

Begin Letting the Lord Use You

What do you do when God speaks to you about doing something that seems far beyond your abilities?

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