The Search

To the world, you may be just a name on a computer, or a printout, or a number in a phonebook. But to God, you are valuable. You are His creation and precious in His sight. God has great plans for your life - to bring you to Himself, to change you and transform you.

A Story for Diane

Most of us live our lives trying to do the right thing and be the best person we can be. Isn't that what God wants us to do? Won't we surely be rewarded by Him for our good deeds? In this week's parable, we will hear how our spiritual resumes are worthless before God, and what it will take to enter the kingdom of God.

How to Maintain Your Spiritual Health

How is your spiritual health these days? Is it good? Full of vitality? We are going to look at what Jesus has to say about keeping it in good shape in our parable for today.

Be Careful With Money and Possessions

In the Parable of the Rich Fool, Jesus warns against storing up treasures for ourselves. On the day our life is demanded of us, all our earthly riches will no longer be irrelevant. Titles will no longer impress. It won't matter what cars sat in our garage. What will matter is if we have a real life with God. Let's learn what does it mean to be "rich toward God."

Stories for Christian Pessimists

Sometimes when we look at the world with all its problems and darkness, it seems like evil is winning. The score is 12 to 0 and all is lost. But Jesus tells us to not let the scoreboard fool us. In response to this kind of discouragement, Jesus offers a reassuring pep talk in some parables about the kingdom of God

God's Big Plan for His Family

What does it means to be part of the family of God? As Christians, we are one with other believers in the body of Christ, the Church. Let's talk about being unifiers (not dividers) to our world.

His Death Is Like No Other

Have you ever wondered why Jesus willing chose to die on a cross? Why would anyone chose such a cruel and brutal death? LetÂ’s learn more about why His death was like no other.

Door #1 Or Door #2

Making decisions is an important and often difficult part of life. We want guarantees. Christ's followers need to be good choosers when faced with doors of opportunity. Let's learn how to determine what is best so our love for God and one another might overflow.

He Wants You to Follow Him

Who do you follow? Is it a favorite columnist, author, or your facebook friends? Maybe a musician, an actor, or a politician. It may be surprising to know some one has been seeking you and desperately wants you to join to Him on adventure. Let’s learn more!

Good News for the Thirsty

A lot of people these days it seems walk around with a dehydrated heart. These hearts can send some rather desperate messages - snarling temper, waves of worry and anxiety, guilt, loneliness, hopelessness, insecurity. Let's learn more about where to find rivers of cleansing water for our thirsty souls.

Prince of Peace

Song writers sing about it. World leaders promise it. Our hearts long for it. Peace. How do we attain peace in our world in the midst of chaos, killing, adversarial language, and animosity? What are the things that make for peace?

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