The God Who Crowns - 1

Some parts of scripture we can read with too much familiarity.  Like Psalm 8 ... O Lord, Our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth. Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell helps us to ponder what it really means to proclaim God's majesty! 

The God Who Leads - 2

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell is showing us the many ways that God expresses his love to us.  He hears us, leads us ... and warns us.  We're in Psalm 5 to discover that God's warnings are actually the guardrails of love ... that keep us safe from harm. 

The God Who Leads - 1

In Psalm 5, David is showing us how to look at life with spiritual eyes!  David wrote this psalm with the firm belief that God was listening to his every prayer. Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell offers assurance that God is listening to your prayers too!  

The God Who Answers - 2

When we're in trouble, we want to know that God is right beside us.  Join Bryan Chapell today on Unlimited Grace for a message about God's divine protection.  We're learning from Psalm 4 that God has put a hedge around us, and He's provided our ultimate rescue through Jesus Christ. 

The God Who Answers - 1

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell reminds us that God is ready and willing to come to our rescue!  Discover God's supernatural protection at work in your personal life, your family, and the world.

When God Laughs – 3

Today on Unlimited Grace ... Bryan Chapell is taking us to the Bible's songbook for a powerful two-for-one message.  We're studying Psalm 2 to hear God deliver both a caution and a comfort.  It's a message about God's sovereignty and grace.

When God Laughs – 2

Even secular studies reveal that Christian parents have a hugely positive impact on their children.  As couples live out the truth of the gospel, children benefitresulting in contagious faith.  And that's our subject today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell.  Learn more about God's unchanging plan for reaching the next generation.

When God Laughs – 1

We often hear people say that faith in Jesus Christ isn't the answer and that something else iseducation, humanism, or even positive thinking.  But today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell takes us to Psalm 2 to show us that there's no substitute for God.

The Blessed One – 2

If you can recall the verses in Psalm 1, you'll remember the metaphor of a flourishing tree, planted by streams of water.  Well Thursday/today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell uses this image to give you a whole new perspective on prosperity and blessing.  This message will help clear up some common misconceptions.

The Blessed One – 1

From the world's perspective, blessings can look like a good job, a beautiful home, or a hefty bank account.  But today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell cautions that sometimes those blessings can break us. While the blessing of knowing and loving God will always build us up!

The Law and Grace

Today on Unlimited Grace, we're pausing for a special interview with Bryan Chapell. These studio interviews allow Bryan to present another encouraging aspect of God's unlimited grace.  We're learning how to rely on the finished work of Jesus Christ today and everyday!

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