Refining Gold – 1

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell is pausing our Philippians study to bring you a message from Job 42.  The plight of Job is front and center, and it will challenge your thinking about God’s purpose for pain and suffering.

Anticipating Joy – 2

On today’s edition of Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell, we’re studying Philippians 3.  And we find the Apostle Paul writing with tears over those who have rejected Christ. And if this touched Paul’s heart so deeply, how much more the heart of God!

Anticipating Joy – 1

All of us are a work in progress. It’s an important subject we’ll explore today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell. Bryan encourages us to depend on Christ for our ongoing and ultimate transformation.  It’s a message about being saved and sanctified!

What’s Going On Here? - 2

There’s lots of confusion about repentance. Often, even when we know better, we fall into thinking it’s about our human willpower to change. So today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapel presents a message about relying on the transforming power of God.

What’s Going On Here? - 1

Today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapell, we’re turning to Acts 26 to hear Paul share his personal testimony. This is the powerful backstory to our study in Philippians. While under arrest, Paul’s given an audience with King Agrippa and he counts it all joy!

Eyes of Joy – 2

Do you feel stuck in the past?  God wants to set you free! Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell is encouraging us to accept the onward and upward call to a new way of life in Christ Jesus—moving past shame and blame to discover true joy! 

Eyes of Joy – 1

Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell uses some memorable sports illustrations to call our attention to the finish line! We’ve got to run the race of faith with the same focus of an Olympic athlete—forgetting what is behind and straining forward!  It’s a lesson on running to win!

Surpassing Joy – 2

Toddlers trying to lift a heavy object will say, “I do it myself!” But soon they give up in frustration, seeing that they need help! That’s a lot like us when we try to earn God’s love and acceptance. Today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell shows us that it’s by grace and NOT by works that we are saved.

Surpassing Joy – 1

Today on Unlimited Grace with Bryan Chapel we’re asking the question: If you can’t jump high enough to get to heaven, how are you going to get there? There’s good news for those of us who know we have no hope of heaven on our own. 

Receive with Joy

Have you ever prayed for a victory?  Maybe to win a promotion or to see a wrong reversed.  Or maybe you’ve longed for your team to win the World Series!  Today on Unlimited Grace with Dr. Bryan Chapell, we’re in the book of Philippians to discover that the greatest victory has already been won. 

A Mother’s Prayer – 2

Mother’s Day is coming, and for some it’s met with sadness and disappointment.  But today, be encouraged on Unlimited Grace as Bryan Chapell reminds us that God wants to transform our losses and our lives. Learn to put your trust in Jesus for more than you can think or imagine!

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