Heroine of the Scots

Scottish Heroine of the Cross Refuses to Compromise the Gospel


When facing extreme and painful challenges, how much do you focus on encouraging others? Is it even possible to do so? Has anyone been able to do so? Ignatius is one such man who lived and died as if he believed what he claimed to believe about Jesus Christ. Hear his awesome story on today's edition of "Heroes of the Cross".

Pastor LaPlata

Some folks believe that all "faiths" should be able to coexist. Can they? The pastor from LaPlata helps clear up the confused thinking. Listen to today's edition of "Heroes of the Cross".

Cathy the Evangelist

Are you still working on how you're going to get to heaven when you die? Prayerfully, you have learned how by now. Do you know anyone who is still working it? How can you help them learn the way? Cathy has some help for you in doing just that.

The Pathfinder

Over 100 US colleges and universities have a chapter of this organization. They also have chapters in more than 100 countries. Wow! Who started this and why would he bother? This man was regarded by Billy Graham as having impacted more people than anyone else he knew. Why would Dawson Trotman be called "the Pathfinder"?

Lee Strobel - The Case for Easter

So, who is crazy: the one who believes Jesus rose again from the grave or the one who doesn't believe Jesus rose again? Before you rattle off your answer, listen in to today's episode of "Heroes of the Cross".

Beggar at the East Gate

Have you lost your first love? A painfully interesting story of drifting away from what we thought we would never, could never wander from.

Stuart Migdon Interview

How easy is it for you to say that Jesus is the Messiah? Is it possible for a Jewish person to believe Jesus is the the Christ? Our guest today shares his experience as his answer and also why he has high esteem for William Wilberforce and his disdain for abortion.

Dr Al Potter Interview

How can you teach abstinence in a public setting such as a school district without it being totally condemned as a religious value? Find out on this episode of "Heroes of the Cross" with Ben LaCorte.

Brian Bird Interview

How can a Christian "guppy" survive in the shark filled pond? To take it a step further, now is it possible to thrive in the same scenario? Brian Bird shares how God worked miraculously on a Hollywood set in filming "The Case For Christ" on today's episode of "Heroes of the Cross".

Why Christian History?

What good can possibly come from any study of Christian history? How can learning about people who lived hundreds, thousands of years ago help you today? This intro program will help you understand why it is more than worthwhile to know.

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