I'm Not the Momma, But I Feel Like It

Are you a stay-at-home dad? It can be tough not to be the primary bread-winner in your household.

They're So Far Away From Christ

You raised your kids in the church and they know the Gospel, but they're not following God now. What happened?

They NEVER Want to Take a Shower!

How can you get reluctant kids to clean themselves up?

Do I Obey, or Comply?

Should Christians obey the government's coronavirus lockdown directions, or not?

What Kind of Pray Is That?

Are you praying memorized cliche scripts, or are you genuinely talking to a real Person?

Why Do You Only Talk About Immodest Girls?

Guys need to be modest too. Just say no to compression shorts.

To Spank, or Not to Spank

Where do you stand on corporeal discipline? More importantly, where does the Bible stand on it?

I Just Don't Know How I'll Survive Without Him

The loss of a child. It's not right. How can God allow this?

I Wish They'd Just Stop Fighting!

Your kids are quarreling from the moment they wake up to the moment they fall asleep. How can you get kids to get along?

Why Can't I Motivate My Child in School?

Working hard in school is a blessing for our kids, even if they don't know it now. How can you encourage them to do their best anyway?

When Was the Last Time Kids Had to Wait?

Patience and hard work are difficult skills to develop. How you can train your kids?

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