Can't They Control Their Kids?

Remember, you were once a new parent. Give some grace.

You NEVER Believe Me

Don't always side with the screamer.

My Adult Kids Are Just Not Living for the Lord

Have your kids walked away from the church as adults? There may be a point where you should start relating to them and praying for them as if they're non-Christians.

Why Can't I Get Good Grades Like Cassie?

Sibling rivalry can be debilitating for your kids. Are you unknowingly reinforcing this conflict?

"Our Kids Don't Need Friends, They Need Parents"

I've heard this line many times. It's true - to a degree.

My Daughter Is Just Like Me. Not Good.

Have one of your kids picked up one of your bad character traits?

Will My Kids Walk Away from the Church?

It depends - do they have a personal relationship with Christ in the first place?

I've Never Been So Scared

How can you talk to your kids about the tumultuous events of 2020?

Black Lives DO Matter

What is basis for valuing human life?

Turn to the Old Testament Book of...Hezekiah?

Do your kids know the Bible well? Why not? You can help them engage with the Bible so they can live it out in their lives.

You're Not Wearing Those Shoes, They Have Holes in Them!

A child of a friend of mine has terribly decimated tennis shoes - should he be allowed to wear them to school?

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