I Don't Even Know My Son Anymore

We all know someone affected by drug addiction. What do you do when it's a member of your family?

It's Amazing How Kids Talk to Adults These Days

Many kids haven't learn to respect others, especially adults. Why is this important, and how can you instill this in your kids? Just listen to today's Parent Minute.

Don't Worry, I Got This

Don't deceive yourself, you can't handle your sin on your own. Lean on Christ, and help your kids learn how to do that too.

Will They Ever Move Out?

Do you have a young adult child, and they're still living at home? It's good to help your kids when they need it, but they need to fly on their own eventually too.

But I Want That! Why Can't I Have It?

Do your kids act like they're entitled to anything they see? Now is the time to correct it. Listen for tips on how to do it.

Conflict Seems to Follow Us Everywhere

Do your kids cause conflict constantly? They may have picked it up from you.

My Teen Won't Read Their Bible

How can I get my teenager to read their Bible regularly and grow in their relationship with Christ? Your teen can get the Unlocked teen devotional at https://www.unlocked.org

I'm Not Sure My Kids Can Forgive Me

Have you ever made a mistake as a parent that destroyed your relationship with your kids? There's hope.

I'm Learning a New Normal

Have you become a widow or a widower? There will never be a new normal, but there's hope.

I'm Failing to Lead Family Devotions

Do you struggle to do devotions with your family? It can be hard to be consistent. How can you spend more time with your kids in the Bible?

I'm a Terrible Husband and Father...Really?

Do you struggle with perfectionism as a parent?

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