Do I MAKE My Kids Play Outside?

Do your kids have too much pent-up energy? Playing outside can help.

My Youngest STILL Isn't Talking

Are you worried about how one of your kids is developing? Observe and see if your other kids are "helping" them and keeping them from growing.

US Christians are Pretty Weak

Across the world, we see severe persecutions against Christians, while in the United States we have it easy. Are you teaching your kids that it's not always, or usually, easy to be a Christian?

I Think I Found It in Hezekiah

60% of American Christians don't read their Bibles regularly. How can you follow God's commands - or teach them to your children - if you're not studying them yourself?

You're Homophobic! Is That Good or Bad?

Is homophobia the same thing as discomfort with the LGBTQ+ lifestyle?

My Kids Told Me They're Divorcing

How much bad news can you handle? Can you trust God through it?

I Don't Even Want to be Around that Kid

Many kids today have problems with showing respect to others; how can you teach it to your kids?

Racism Is Serious, and Roots are Deep

Racism is a serious accusation, but is it as prevalent as we hear?

Tattoos Are In! I Want One

I don't like tattoos, but that doesn't make them sinful. What's right for your family?

My Wife and Daughter Fight All the Time

Sometimes kids need a reckoning to correct their ways.

Racism Can Tear a Community Apart

It pains my heart to see racism in our culture, and especially in the church.

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