I'm Not Ready for My Son to Have a Girlfriend

This isn't about the birds and the bees; but how are you teaching your kids to evaluate a potential spouse?

Do You Have Overload Syndrome?

You've completely run out of energy and you're running on empty. How did you get there?

If I Don't, It Won't!

If you don't get it done, you think it won't get done at all. Careful here, you risk falling apart!

Why Do We Ignore This Commandment?

Taking a Sabbath isn't a suggestion in the Bible, it's a command. Even God rested!

I Just Need a Break!

REST! It's commanded in the Bible, but we rarely follow it.

I'm Not Sure My Son Can Handle Any More Failure

He just can't get a break!

Potty Mouth: I Get SICK of It

What do you when your child lets slip potty talk in public?

Idols Are More Than Just Chunks of Wood

Are you valuing your possessions, or even your children, too highly?

I'm Not Phubbing My Kids...Am I?

Phubbing: snubbing your family with your phone. Are you distancing yourself from your kids because of your smartphone?

I'm NOT Saying Sorry to My Daughter

Don't pass up on opportunities to model humility and apology to your kids.

She Just Sits There and Cries Until She Gets Her Way

Is your home ruled by its youngest member?

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