Idols Are More than Just Chunks of Wood

You might have an idol in your own life.

I'm Not Fubbing My Kids...Am I?

Fubbing: using your phone to snub someone. Are you doing it?

I'm Not Saying Sorry to My Daughter

That's so sad! That's an opportunity to show your child how to apologize.

I'm Not Ready for School

For the first time in three decades, our family isn't getting ready for school.

Screen Time Isn't as Important as Reading Time

Are you reading to your kids and spending enough time with them? Or are you using your smartphone as a babysitter?

Is Your Phone Interfering with Family?

Sometimes I let my phone distract me from my wife and kids.

I Love Spoiling My Grandkids

But should you spoil your grandkids over the objections of their parents?

Why Do You Think I'm Gonna Buy You Everything?

Is your purchase history an indicator of what your child expects?

I Don't Think I'm Going to Survive This

Hey, new parents: your newborn is perfect, right?

I Don't Like What They're Reading

How much choice should you give your kids in their devotionals?

There Are Ways to Say 'No'

Do you say 'no' so often that your kids just ignore it?

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