Does It Take a Village, or a Tribe?

You can help your kids' friends in their spiritual lives.

They Made a Profession of Faith, But...

Are you sure you're leading your child to Christ?

Sometimes She's So Conceited...

...that even I don't like her! There's a difference between confidence and conceit in your kids.

I'm Not Sure I Want My Kids to Go to Christian Camp

Some kids are bad influences, counselors with dubious relationships with Bible camp a good option for Christian kids?

Are Christians Bigots?

I was called a bigot for my biblical beliefs, but is it true?

I Tease My Kids, It Makes Them Tough!

Some of your kids you might be able to tease, but not others. Know your kids and treat them how God has made them!

My Daughter Just Told Me She had an Abortion

There are many you can handle this. John Piper of has some good advice.

My Kids are Pooping in the Bathtub!

Ever had one of those days? Patience is key.

I Hope My Kids are Colorblind

The Bible and science clearly show that there is only ONE human race; so why is Sunday morning the most racially divided time of the week?

My Son Never Sees the Positive in Anything

Glass half-empty? It could be an indication of a control issue in your kids. Help them trust in God.

My Kids And My Family are My Life

Are you making your family so much of a priority, that you're ignoring spiritual growth?

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