The Choices of Judgement | Tony Evans Motivational Moment #Shorts

Minister to others while you are waiting on God to work in your life.

The Purpose of Prayer | Tony Evans Sermon

Jesus closes the Lord’s Prayer with the famous doxology, “For Thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory, forever. Amen.” In light of the rest of the Lord’s Prayer, we are led to praise. In this message, Tony Evans explains that we are looking forward to His kingdom. We recognize His power. And we give Him His deserved glory. And the praise will go on forevermore.

The Criteria of the Judgment | Tony Evans Motivational Moment #Shorts

When you hit a crisis, don't look for the ordinary. God wants to work in the extraordinary.

The Priority of Prayer | Dr. Tony Evans - The Lord's Prayer Devotional #4

The will of God can be a mysterious thing for both old and new believers alike, but Tony Evans says that it doesn’t have to be. If you seek to understand the connection between surrendering to God and experiencing the visible manifestation of His kingdom in your life, this lesson will show you how the simple act of prayer can harmonize your will to become the same as your heavenly Father’s.

The Risk of Faith | Tony Evans Motivational Moment #Shorts

Living by faith invites God into your personal circumstances.

The Protection of Prayer | Tony Evans Sermon

In the final words of the Lord’s prayer, Jesus ends His lesson of prayer given to His disciples with a request for protection—but from what? While Satan’s goal is to damage our fellowship with God by any means, Jesus combats that by sharing the importance of protection through prayer. In this lesson, you’ll learn everything you need to know about the enemy’s use of temptation as well as the protection we have from it through Christ.

How to Handle a Crisis | Tony Evans Motivational Moment #Shorts

When you hit a crisis, don't look for the ordinary. God wants to work in the extraordinary.

Tony Evans Receives the 2022 E. K. Bailey Living Legend Award

This past July at the E. K. Bailey Preaching Conference, Dr. Tony Evans received the 2022 E. K. Bailey Living Legend Award. Presented by Pastor Bryan Carter, the Living Legend Award is presented annually to a “preacher‘s preacher” who has been committed to delivering God’s Word with passion, proficiency, and profundity for many generations. The award was presented to Dr. Evans, based on his commitment to spotlighting God's name, His character, and His message of hope.

The Program of Prayer | Dr. Tony Evans - The Lord's Prayer Devotional #3

There’s something about children and teens that loves to make them act like they own the place. But the reality is, if they’re under your roof, they’re under your rules. Well, God’s kingdom is no different, and He’s set guidelines by which His house operates that aren’t always easy to follow.

5 Lessons from the Book of Job - Tony Evans

This book is critical to Scripture because it deals with one of the hardest realities of life: God often seems silent when we are doing our best to please him and yet experience suffering. The question of why comes up again and again in life, even as it did for Job, one of the godliest people in the Bible who had no explanation for why he was suffering so terribly. In Job, God is engaged in a dialogue with the devil over Job and the pain God allows to come into Job’s life. Ultimately, the book reveals God’s kingdom authority over life circumstances because not even the devil can do his dirty work without divine permission. As the book unfolds, God reveals things about himself that overwhelm Job. By the end, Job has to repent and bow before God’s wisdom—a wisdom that he cannot understand, but that he knows is best because he trusts God. One of the key truths to grasp from the book of Job is that we must trust God even when we cannot understand him, even when he is thoroughly confusing to us. The central statement in the book is one of Job’s closing comments to God: “I had heard reports about you, but now my eyes have seen you” (42:5).

The Shield of Faith Part 2 | Tony Evans Motivational Moment #Shorts

When we take faith seriously, we experience victory like never before.

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