Matthew 22b-1

Was Jesus always sweet, kind and mild? What happened when religious leaders tried to trick Jesus? Pastor Rodney Finch reveals what happened in this episode of "Salt and Light".

Matthew 22a-2

What happens when the last person trusts Christ for the salvation? Pastor Rodney Finch tells the answer in this edition of "Salt and Light".

Matthew 22a-1

What wedding was Jesus referring to in Matthew 22? What happened to the improperly dressed man at the wedding reception? Why? Pastor Rodney Finch explains why many are called but few are chosen, plus more, in today's edition of "Salt and Light".

Matthew 21b-2

What authority did Jesus have and how did He get it? Why would Jesus tell of a father and two sons in response to a question of His authority? Pastor Rodney Finch shares the answers to these questions and more in this edition of "Salt and Light".

Matthew 21b-1

Why would Jesus ride on a donkey when military leaders rode big horses? What was the big deal about the 10th day of Nissan? Pastor Rodney Finch answers these questions and more in this edition of "Salt and Light".

Matthew 21a-2

Matthew 21a-1

Matthew 20b-2

Matthew 20b-1

Matthew 20a-2

Matthew 20a-1

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