"God's Pathway to Peace"

Pastor Steve Gaines speaks on "God's Pathway to Peace" in this message out of Philippians 4:6-7. What do you have to do to find peace? We find ourselves obsessed with worry and weighed down by anxiety, but God has called us to a better life in Jesus Christ. By letting go of worry and praying about everything, we can experience perfect peace. 0:0…read more

"What Jesus Says About Marriage"

Pastor Steve Gaines teaches on "What Jesus Says About Marriage" as we study Matthew 19:1–9. What limits does God place on marriage? How does He define it? What is the purpose of marriage? We'll look at these questions and more during today's sermon. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 3:13 - Marriage is God's Design 9:09 - Marriage is a New Beginning 15:29 - Marriage is Heterosexual and Monogamous 23:12 - Marriage provides companionship 29:01 - Marriage is permanent #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Gospel of Jesus Christ"

Pastor Steve Gaines looks at Acts 1 to speak on "The Gospel of Jesus Christ." From this passage, we learn about the people, power, and pattern of the Gospel. How did the Gospel change the lives of those living in Jesus' day? How did it spread throughout the world? Can we use this same strategy today to reach the world for Christ? 0:00 - Introduction of our text 4:16 - The people of the Gospel 12:46 - The power of the Gospel 23:20 - God's pattern for the Gospel #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Essence of Christianity"

Pastor Steve Gaines breaks down the essence of Christianity as he teaches from John 21, examining the story of Jesus and Peter reconciling after the resurrection. Here we see the connection between loving God and loving people as we go about the Christian life. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 8:20 - Jesus' penetrating question 17:26 - Peter's painful reply 28:01 - Jesus' pastoral command #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Waiting on Jesus"

Pastor Steve Gaines shares an important message on "Waiting on Jesus" out of John 20:1–18. Have you ever had a difficult time when you were waiting on God? Watch as we dive into the reasons why we wait on the Lord and how it makes us better disciples. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 10:42 - When to wait on Jesus 18:12 - How we should wait on Jesus 26:32 - Why we should wait on Jesus #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Blessings for Every Christian"

Pastor Steve Gaines continues to walk through Luke 24, this time teaching from verses 35-53, as we discover the blessings for every Christian. Join with us as we learn about the gifts with which God has blessed us and how they enable us to live faithful lives in obedience to Christ. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 2:56 - Divine peace 13:32 - Divine pardon 20:02 - Divine power #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"Victory Over Discouragement"

Pastor Steve Gaines looks at the story of the road to Emmaus in Luke 24 for a sermon titled "Victory Over Discouragement." When you are at your lowest point, Jesus can find you, comfort you, and set you on the right path. 0:00 - Introduction to our text 3:14 - The Lord will come to you 12:27 - The Lord will correct you 22:40 - The Lord will commission you #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Good News of Easter"

Pastor Steve Gaines teaches on "The Good News of Easter" on Easter Sunday 2024. As we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, join us in Luke 24:1–12 as we learn the importance of this moment and what our response should be. At the end of his sermon, Pastor Gaines picks up his annual tradition of singing "He's Alive." 0:00 - Introduction of our text 1:52 - Jesus is not dead! 10:14 - Jesus is risen! 18:14 - Share Jesus with everyone! 25:47 - "He's Alive" #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Crowd at the Cross"

Pastor Steve Gaines preaches on "The Crowd at the Cross" out of Luke 23:26–49 as we draw closer to Easter Sunday. There are different kinds of people watching the crucifixion of Jesus and many of us today fall into similar categories. How will you react to the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross? 0:00 - Introduction of our text 2:59 - The burdened crowd 8:36 - The hardened crowd 29:34 - The converted group 36:01 - The enlightened group 40:20 - The Almighty Father #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Troublesome Trials of Jesus"

Continuing our look at the final days of Jesus' earthly ministry, Pastor Steve Gaines teaches on "The Troublesome Trials of Jesus" out of Luke 22–23. Through Jesus' experience with the Jews, Pilate, and the guards who beat Him, we learn important lessons about who Jesus is and how we are to view him. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 2:02 - Jesus' "trial" before the guards was troublesome 13:16 - Jesus' "trial" before the Jews was troublesome 27:01 - Jesus' "trial" before Pilate was troublesome #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

"The Sweetness of Surrender"

Pastor Steve Gaines begins a short series leading up to Easter Sunday. In this sermon, "The Sweetness of Surrender," we study Luke 22:39–53 and the way in which Jesus surrenders to the will of the Father. As Christians, we must accept God's will, love our enemies, and wait on God's timing. 0:00 - Introduction of our text 8:55 - Surrender to God and accept His will 19:47 - Surrender to God and love your enemies 31:27 - Surrender to God and accept His timing #BellevueBaptistChurch #BellevueMemphis #SteveGaines

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