You’re Welcome Here, Ep 8 of 15

Who has God brought into your life that could experience His love through your hospitality? Find out the power of having an “open door” policy on REVIVE OUR HEARTS with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 7 of 15

Jesus was always giving to others. He healed, He taught, and … He also cooked. Wouldn’t it be incredible to eat a meal that had been prepared by Jesus? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth challenges us to show hospitality like Jesus, on REVIVE OUR HEARTS.

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 6 of 15

When Abraham and Sarah had unexpected company, they served a large meal. You and I probably won’t butcher a calf when surprise guests come. But we can still learn some important lessons from their cheerful hospitality. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth explains, on REVIVE OUR HEARTS.

Reflecting God in Your Home

Promo Pack: Does the word hospitality fill you with excitement…or dread? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth and Drs. Pat Ennis and Lisa Tatlock explain why you are called to hospitality and why it doesn’t need to be complicated…on REVIVE OUR HEARTS WEEKEND.

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 5 of 15

Hospitality can be a long-term arrangement. Christie Erwin tells how she and her husband have shown hospitality for the long haul through adoption and foster care, on REVIVE OUR HEARTS with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 4 of 15

Most of us remember seeing the evacuation of Kabul, Afghanistan in 2022. For Stacy Holden, the events of 2022 aren’t just a sad news story. She knows the faces, the names and the stories of individual people who fled for their lives. Some of them have become like family to her. Find out how she’s showing the love of God to Afghans through hospitality on REVIVE OUR HEARTS with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth,

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 3 of 15

Sometimes when we hear the word “hospitality,” our minds jump straight to an immaculate house and a delicious banquet. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shows us that hospitality has more to do with simply showing God’s love, on REVIVE OUR HEARTS with Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth.

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 2 of 15

Can you think of how your kindness to someone else might offer them a picture of the gospel? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth shows us how hospitality can be a way of pointing people to Jesus … on REVIVE OUR HEARTS.

You’re Welcome Here, Ep 1 of 15

If I could have you take a quiz right now, where would you rate yourself on the hospitality scale? Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth helps us see why hospitality isn’t optional, on REVIVE OUR HEARTS.

Heavenly Minded

What comes to your mind when you think of Heaven? Dannah Gresh and friends help us straighten out some misconceptions about eternity with Jesus…on REVIVE OUR HEARTS WEEKEND.

Incomparable: Now and Forever with Christ, Ep 7 of 7

No matter what you’re facing, there’s no greater source of hope than the coming return of Christ. Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth explores His promise to come back to this earth… on REVIVE OUR HEARTS.

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