Now Therefore Arise

What do you do when your life drastically changes? Do you endlessly mourn and lament what was lost, or do you embrace a new normal? In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, discover how you can arise and step into a new normal with God. God is not done with you – there are blessings ahead! Joshua 1:1-9

Returning to God in Prayer

If you’ll study revivals that have taken place over the centuries, you’ll find one common denominator: the revival did not come until the people started to cry out to God in brokenness, humility, repentance, and fervent prayer. Sadly, most Christians don’t do very well with the discipline of prayer. What does it look like when we return to God in prayer? In this convicting message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, learn afresh what a privilege we have as Christians to call on the Lord in prayer. Daniel 9:1-23

Spiritual Adultery

Nothing undermines a marriage like adultery. As bad as physical adultery is, spiritual adultery is worse. Sadly, we have all been guilty of it in one degree or another. Thankfully, the Lord tells us the cause of and the cure for spiritual adultery. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares two insights from the book of James and discover how you can draw near to God once again. James 4:1-10

This is the Life

Why do we need revival? It’s because many of us have gotten used to a sub-par Christian life, and we need to get back to the real Christian life that is abundant and full of the power of God. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares three characteristics of the true Christian life and discover how you can be revived and experience the fullness of life in Jesus. 1 John 1:1-10

Prone to Wander

Have you gotten stale in your Christian life? Do you find yourself just kind of going through the motions, but the white-hot passion is gone? Maybe you are one who has drifted from your first love. That was the case for the church in Ephesus. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve as he shares three discoveries from the first letter to the seven churches of Asia Minor. Revelation 2:1-7

The Final Judgment

In Revelation 20, the Great White Throne Judgment takes place. The unrighteous dead will be resurrected to stand trial before the Lord Jesus Christ. He will judge in perfect holiness and justice. It will be a terrifying event for those who will stand trial before Him. In this message, called THE FINAL JUDGMENT, Pastor Jeff Schreve reveals the truths of this terrible day for the unbelievers and how our decision now can save us from the second death of eternal fire. Revelation 20:11-15

The Kingdom to Come

After Jesus comes in power and defeats his enemies at the Battle of Armageddon, He makes his Kingdom on Earth for a thousand years. The Millenial Kingdom will be ruled in complete perfection and the curse placed on all things will be removed. Join Pastor Jeff Schreve in this uplifting message entited, THE KINGDOM TO COME, as he gives us a glimpse into the earthly Kingdom of God. Revelation 20:1-10

Armageddon and the Return of the King

In Revelation 19, the Battle of Armageddon marks the victorious return of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords as he defeats the Antichrist and all his followers. In this message called, ARMAGEDDON AND THE RETURN OF THE KING, Pastor Jeff Schreve details what happens when Jesus Christ returns to the Earth at the end of the Tribulation. Revelation 19:11-21

The Dark Prince

Throughout history there have been several “mini antichrists.” Hitler, Nero, Herod, to name a few. No one can even come close to THE DARK PRINCE. The Antichrist is coming to rule the entire world after the rapture and he will deceive, destroy and murder the masses. In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, we will discover the characteristics of the Antichrist who is going to be given authority during the Tribulation. Revelation 13:1-18

So It Begins

All those left behind will go through the seven year Tribulation on Earth. What is awaiting those who will experience the Tribulation? During this time, the wrath of God will fall. It will be a time of war, famine, death, and judgment. Learn more about this terrifying time in the message from Pastor Jeff Schreve called, SO IT BEGINS. Revelation 6:1-17

What Do We See in Heaven?

After the rapture, what do the Saints of Christ experience in Heaven? In Revelation, John got to see Heaven with his own eyes and what he saw was so incredible that it was nearly impossible to physically describe. In this message from Pastor Jeff Schreve, entitled, WHAT DO WE SEE IN HEAVEN, we will take a closer look at Revelation 4-5 and look expectantly to the future that God has prepared for us. Revelation 4-5

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